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  1. popmusiccritic


    I didn’t include his EP’s, should I now?
  2. Best lead single by Justin?
  3. popmusiccritic

    All the ones listed above.
  4. popmusiccritic


    Best lead single by Taylor? Vote correctly!
  5. popmusiccritic


    Best lead single? Vote correctly!
  6. popmusiccritic


    I'm not even on this list wtf
  7. popmusiccritic

    Marry The Night Born This Way Government Hooker Judas Americano Hair Scheiße Bloody Mary Bad Kids Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) Heavy Metal Lover Electric Chapel You And I The Edge Of Glory Black Jesus † Amen Fashion Fashion Of His Love The Queen Mine Sparks Fly Back to December Speak Now Dear John Mean The Story of Us Never Grow Up Enchanted Better than Revenge Innocent Haunted Last Kiss Long Live Ours If This Was a Movie Superman Rank all the songs combined of worst to best if you want! What is the better album?
  8. popmusiccritic


    nah i’m right here and i will send mine soon sorry i’ve been busy!
  9. popmusiccritic

    Girl I'm doing best POP album of each year. The other one was best female album overall. Why are you trying to disprove or argue anything I do I'm sorry if I hurt you?