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  1. Jordannn


    Wow. Why this wasn't on Rainbow just baffles me
  2. Awww, i have to disagree, i thought Big Freedias vocals really added flare to it
  3. What references? Did I miss something?
  4. Jordannn


    Didn't know what to tag it as but THIS GIRL. Haven't seen a thread created but i apologize if it has already been created. Been waiting for 2 years for her to blow up, thoughts? She's like a Madonna/Britney/Christina hybrid. My personal favourite so far is "Tonight"
  5. Jordannn


    I can't remember a tracklist being shown either :/
  6. How does one even get on ATRL anymore? It won't even let me browse as a guest like it did before :/
  7. Nevermind, figured it out too late
  8. Am i even quoting right? LMFAO Anyway, i had a feeling it was gonna be like sort of a Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" sort of vibe (Better than "Love Into The Light" I feel like that song was missing something) And if I could compare it to an album, i would say something like Deconstructed but with everything chucked in there...like a little rock, a little country, but still alot more pop than Warrior. I know the album was Rainbow themed but i was thinking more synthy dark pop....does this make sense? Also had the vibe it was going to be very eerie on some tracks and still trash talk on it. But more than likely had to change everything after the Dr. Dick head situation
  9. Thank you! And will do
  10. Jordannn


    It's the risks we are willing to take
  11. Jordannn


    Could we be possibly looking at the best album of her career? I hope so
  12. There's only a handful of songs what really resonated with me from Rainbow...i wanted THEE original Rainbow from 2014, have you all heard the snippet of Child Of The Moon on YouTube? It's only 15 seconds long but it sounds so good and I wonder what happened to it
  13. Jordannn


    OMG HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE ALBUM TRAILER? Do you think we will get another mini movie? Maybe a video album? I can't even contain myself
  14. And thank you for sharing the snippet, why doesn't everyone like it? I think its cool, but im also the type of Kesha Stan who has C U Next Tuesday on repeat everyday so im not sure lol
  15. HI EVERYONE . Been sneaking on y'all for months now, and y'all kill me 🤣😂 this is my first time in a forum, so please be gentle