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  1. I facetuned the candle so she looked less frumpy (also longer bangs) and added the high road font to the candle omg whats everyones thoughts
  2. The last 20 seconds of that trailer actually gives me chills when she's in the cape and she looks back and it goes "and enjoy an original American vacation" with the electronic instrumental. I can't. This is too much. The aesthetic of this is so perfect for her. She exceeds expectations every time and it's kinda insane
  3. I just want everyone to be happy with the new album omg the gp herself the grammy committee the animals. it is okay to be nervous especially considering her reputation is at stake and also what we have heard so far (cringy terrible lyrics like my momma raised me well but i dont wanna go to heaven without raisin hell)
  4. I'm praying this is true omg is this confirmed I would kill for atrl access rn you should share your account ^_^
  5. The expose omg Kesha can ruin an instrumental with awful lyrics so bad. Remember hymn
  6. That new candle video has the same BPM as the raising hell snippet i'm shook rn someone make an edit quick
  7. What if her label is lurking and they scrap RH. We need to come together and stay strong. *faints*
  8. Literally this is the worst part of the whole thing. Everything lined up for rainbow and she got critical acclaim, top 25, grammy nom and viral performance, number one album , viral high note and praise, GOD became a radio hit and people were starting to like her again. What will the gp think when they hear raising hell's cringy lyrics. Who is gonna ask her to perform. Who is gonna tweet about it and stream the video. I'm terrified
  9. Does anyone here have the my own dance snippet? I'm just now hearing this song exists and I wanna hear omg i'd appreciate it ^_^
  10. I've never heard of big freedia and I just went through the twitter likes and I actually can't breathe right now https://twitter.com/bigfreedia/likes Is anyone seeing this
  11. I officially give up. I want to cry omg bye what is this
  12. Same. Die young and praying were both my favorite song from their albums haha It's frustrating cuz kesha is at her peak when she has people around her to hone in her creativity. She has a great stylist and glam team graphic designers dierectors but when it comes to music recently.. Like how did that snippet get past her record label? Not only that but making it the lead? Theyre trying to sabotage her omg Also im tired of her looping a 3 second melody over and over and calling it a breakdown (boots, RH) but it is ok the album shall serve
  13. She's like an old lady omg. It sounds like something from 2011 literally. I dont even know how she convinced the producers to mix up that thing. But we must stay strong for the verses and bridge what if it's good omg