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  1. CandlePrince

    Thanks @Ariana for hosting this rate xo
  2. CandlePrince

    I gave it a very high score
  3. CandlePrince

    Turn Off The Light coming for No. 1
  4. CandlePrince

    No lies detected
  5. CandlePrince

    Bloody Valentine too high
  6. CandlePrince

  7. CandlePrince

    Everybody Dies shouldn't be last, but I'm not mad tho
  8. CandlePrince

    Some TOTL Vol 2 tracks dragged my average score down
  9. CandlePrince

    How do I delete? Can I delete? Where's the delete button?
  10. CandlePrince

    wait MESS i got the rates messed up, my brain's not working I'd say Bloody Valentine
  11. CandlePrince

    Prob something from Let's Get To It
  12. CandlePrince

    9:00 PM EST
  13. Didn't Mariah also released a song for a goat or sheep animated film awhile back? The impact I hope that this is a better jam than Absolutely Anything and Anything At All
  14. CandlePrince


    yes But butterfly is a classic, invented plastic phones