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  1. An Impossible Princess


    This wasn't her first song. She had released a few previously, but this one seems to be her official solo debut song unattached to any films or whatever.
  2. An Impossible Princess


    Scroll through, babe.
  3. An Impossible Princess


    Don't trust Sam. Apparently, he's a scam artist. A liar. The fact that I used to believe him just because he has meaty pecs truly makes me ashamed of myself now.
  4. Who is this Noah Beck? Is he someone important? How does a man look exquisite for his body, but his face resembles that of...nothingness? Ah, as long as he has good intentions in life, then, everything is just fine. kylie3

    1. Lukas

      He's a controversial TikTok star who has the IQ of a pea and has been travelling all over during the pandemic  , no talent , not a dancer , not aware of the world and has been made famous for looking like a ken doll 

  5. Oh he's a RAPIST rapist...I thought it was just a fetish play!

    This is why everyone should stan Wonho. He doesn't need to intricate his love life with his partner. He knows that he is the King! His big rod always leave me satisfied!


    Jk. He doesn't even know me, or @Kai ari9


    1. Kai

      But he won't be jailed because he's privileged and rich. brit12

    2. Kirjava

      Fucking trash trash1 I hope he is brought to justice. Or the very least loses his career.

  6. It seems like the whole album IS going to be reggaeton, which is... something. I guess. I kind of hope that she can make a bop like Selena Q's Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. Maybe cumbia could be good for Ms. Gomez?
  7. My fanfics are of the highest quality. The Armie Hammer tale is not of any quality.
  8. An Impossible Princess


    This is her best photoshoot!
  9. An Impossible Princess

    If they would ever be revealed as homophobic individuals. Also: This!
  10. ari9

    1. BabyMario44

      Love it. Lol

    2. BabyMario44

      Love it. Lol

    3. Princess Aurora

      lol3 I love it . They really roasted her with this edit lol3 

  11. I think we all can agree that, despite not being my favorites, these two covers are arguably Britney's best album artworks:



    The whole packaging/booklet were also the best compared to her other albums as I've discovered them on discogs. Don't get me wrong, I will always love In the Zone cover the most, but all of those different looks and the little symbols to represent letters inside the booklet was simply. not. it. ari9

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    2. CHANEL #1

      Circus is her best cover and the booklet is phenomenal. Only fitting for her best album whit2

    3. BabyMario44

      Oops is my fave artwork 🥰🥰

    4. An Impossible Princess

      @CHANEL #1 Musically, Circus is far from being her best album. But the album truly had the best packaging compared to her other albums!

      @BabyMario44 It's so pretty!

      @Villanelle It is, however the single cover wouldn't really represent the album's identity like the actual album cover.

  12. An Impossible Princess


    This truly feels like a one-hit-wonder moment.
  13. An Impossible Princess


    Mine is this. I was tempted to put Glory or Femme Fatale on the Legendary row, but I changed my mind at the last second.
  14. What is this and why is it real? ajay1

    1. Lynk

      This went super viral some years back. Surprised you're just seeing it

  15. An Impossible Princess

    Witness era. You can read my thoughts about it here: