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  1. EzTFJ6GVUAwic1f?format=jpg&name=medium




    I'm not even hxrny. I just want a boyfriend, preferably like him. cry5

    1. Darth Sidious

      Darth Sidious

      Is that Wonho? 

      He's such a fucking asshole, he has no right.  

      Not that I'm not enjoying or anything gaga3

  2. Shhhh, don't ruin twitter little rascals wet dream for, like, what, 30 years now? Let them be happy.
  3. Songs that need to be retired: Candy Shop and its assorted dated bops. Song that need to be put in the spotlight more often: anything from Music, honestly.
  4. This remix. Tell me this isn't Janet's All Nite (Don't Stop). I dare you.
  5. And there you have it, yet again...a what could have been immaculate era for her now in shambles because of her own antics. She just can't win.
  6. Why did they not take a pic together? cry4

    1. Mario


      Love to see the vocal trinity here 😍😍

  7. Because the Wonhoes thread is seemingly DEAD nowadays, I've decided to supply His Royaltea's majestic photos here from now on. Look here, the way this big sexy man is a part-time baby boyfriend for us hoes:







  8. Earth is like a white rose

    Quite cloud of petals cold

    A place so corrupt

    Where angel flesh and blood is sold

    The feminine is born as new

    Studded with a diamond dew

    Saw the dawn was coming

    Everybody knew




    This is the only good part of Marina's latest song. Lyrically, at least. aura1

  9. The standard looks best because centering her in the image makes her look like she got down to her knees at a pond. Like a frog. The blue background in the third cover throws off the balance of the artwork.
  10. I've taken a TOEFL test today. My result is pretty good!

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I took IELTS two years ago instead clap3 

    2. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      Congratulations! We FOTP residents are smart people yes!

  11. I see none. I'm surprised that Trisha Paytas out of all people would call out Addison Rae like that. She is a stan! A Britney soldier! YASSS QUEEN! For context, let me add the link to the interview article that E! Online reported, which is actually a Bustle interview: https://www.bustle.com/entertainment/addison-rae-interview-acting-politics She is actually not comparing her life to Britney, it's the interviewer who suggested that to her by mentioning the Framing Britney documentary.
  12. Yes. But I'm afraid that they will make Aslan the Lion look like one of those lions from the Lion King CGI film. I'd like a revamped Resident Evil series with actual good acting and true-to-source storyline, please.
  13. Somebody on atrl made this: The fact that this looks believable as a cover, with her name logo and and all. Hopefully the HD version of the picture gets released soon!
  14. Do we already have the HD version of this? Preferably without the Target sticker. This is much better than the standard cover.