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  1. Every(Swiftie)body say thank you to Ms. Kellegend Clearskin and Ms. JoJo!

  2. Blackout is a great album. The song about deep pounding which was actually inspired by her motherhood towards her son (dead2) really hits me as I'm listening to it now.


    Directly going into Circus after Blackout ends with Why Should I Be Sad. The way Womanizer KNOCKS ME OUT IMMEDIATELY AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Mario


      Stan!!! As you should!!! Blackout is EVERYTHING!!!! 

    2. Chris Morlock
    3. An Impossible Princess
  3. Demi's eventual collaboration with Ariana truly is fated to be. Remember that a song from her Unbroken album titled "You're My Only Shorty" was meant for Ariana's then-untitled debut album (and this was what, 2011? So yeah..) but ultimately given to Demi.

    Anyway, do you guys know that he still looks as amazing as he looked many years ago?


    Blurry picture, but holy God am I not in deep love with this man! I'm

    because of



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    2. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      @Billie Frank which one? Cuz we both know that Legendion ruled the world with that song originally made by Jennifer Rush or something, ok!

      @august shut it, STJayll, he literally has wrinkles but because the pic is a screenshot it doesn't show the all natural aging skin! Doesn't matter though because he can hold me in his muscles embrace ANY. FUCKING. TIME!

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      The one by Dementia Lobotomy.  

    4. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      Don't say that! Pull it back to where it came from! Nobody can mess with Legendemi, at least not that easy!

      Let me take you on a journey! scream2

      One that shed the skin of her past!! scream2

      Embrace the woman she has become!!! scream2

      THIS IS THE ART OF STARTING OVER!!!!!! scream2

      STREAM IT SCOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!! scream2


  4. EyDo51JXMAU1DXH?format=jpg&name=medium

    I just want to say, I will always be in love with him...even though he will never love or know me. cry5


    Have you ever watched any movies he starred in? I have watched plenty! My favorite is the first Captain America movie.

    He is so... handsome! jodie2

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    2. Entea
    3. august


      @Entea i still have room for Chris afterwards bey11

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Idk they all can raw dog me at the same time


  5. If you want to know how does it feel to be held at gunpoint inside an abandoned barn, listen to My Way Home by Legendsica Iconicson. I don't embed the audio video here because nobody else deserves to experience such torture, but if you want then try it!



    The song itself, if sung by a better vocalist, is a fine composition. It's just that....she sang it. It's her song and there is nothing that anybody can do about it.

    But make no mistake! The In This Skin album contains plenty of gold nuggets too, such as With You, Forbidden Fruit, Underneath, etc. rav1

    1. Mario


      With You is pretty good :)

  6. Ah, so Demi's butterfly symbolism and the song of the same name from her new album is about her deceased birth father. Alright, now that actually makes sense. Let me fuvkin shut up before I speak about anything without context anymore. Guilty as fuvk. brit1

  7. Apparently it's A p r i l and I'm a fool. My God.

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Yes you are. true1

  8. I don't know what happened to my phone or the site, but now every time I type in Clarice (Ms. Carey's first name) it turns into Clarice. And the word "f u _ k" becomes zoinks. What the hell. ajay1

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank


  9. I don't know if this is really an unreleased song or it was released on a soundtrack project for something that I never knew about, but wow! Amazing what she could do with her talent when the material is great!

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      It sounds like it's from 2013 but she sounds great here 

    2. Demi Lovallah

      Demi Lovallah

      It is unreleased

  10. princex-smile-Cover-Art.jpg

    Released in 2019, link: https://rateyourmusic.com/release/ep/princex/smile/



    Released in 2020.

    No it's true. It's true. cry3

    1. Mario
    2. TRENCH


      its true its true true1

    3. august


      Who the heck is PrinceX though? bebe1

  11. Apparently, Lil Nas X isn't really collaborating with Nike, but rather it's with another company who sold "modified Nike shoes." That also includes the Holy Water shoes that this other company sold previously. Here's the link to the news: https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/nike-denies-involvement-lil-nas-x-satan-shoes-containing-human-n1262280

  12. I'm curious. Was Adam Levine ever been attractive or hot to you guys? If yes, when was it? I never thought about him like that, personally. I think he had his moments pre-V, but I was never attracted to him despite his good looks. And this is coming from me, arguably the hxrniest person on FOTP.

    1. fab


      I think he's always been really hot tbh lana3 

    2. august


      He's not my type but I wouldn't say no if he wants to .... me sideways.

  13. My Ma just finished making a caramel "ants nest" cake (it doesn't actually have ants, it just looks like an ants nest with the texture/pattern inside) but it literally looked (and tasted!) nothing like what she used to make for more than 20 years.

    Idk which recipe she did follow, but it's NOT the cake that I loved. My heart broke right then. I just realized that she has gotten much older (and me too!), so she probably forgot her recipe and YouTube'd other people's recipe. She added too much eggs into the batter too.

    Playing Céline's A New Day Has Come album (random, I know!) after I done eating some slices was also a wrong choice. It just made me want to bawl my eyes out when this song came on:

    I am sad. cry8

    1. Kyoteki


      Or it could just be a dud??? 

    2. An Impossible Princess
  14. I'm currently on a Demi Lovato listening experience; reconnecting with her music to remember why I once fell in love with her. The Don't Forget album is playing, and my God what an exciting time it was when I first listened to this album back in 2013. Not to mention that Lovatics were also waiting for the release of the eponymous album. I think my heart breaks again remembering those days because she's been through so much yet she remains strong to this day.

    Despite everybody's dislikes of her and her music nowadays, when you have a free time, please try to listen to her albums pre-Confident. She's so talented that it hurt me physically when I saw the songwriting credits of Anyone.

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      This. Don't Forget and Here We Go Again are her best Albums true1 

  15. I think this will be a very unpopular opinion and perhaps will get me condemned by the entire forum, but I think Liam Payne's music got unfairly panned by everyone. Particularly his LP1 album. Yes, FKA Twigs should have sued him, but the non-single tracks are pretty cool. I believe I was also a part of the very people who berated him because of that song ("Both Ways"), however the album actually has some truly good songs. Tuneful, at least. I mean, I want to stack [wealth] up by working hard too...because only dreaming will not get me anywhere in life. ayumi1

    A lot of his lyrics are written as if the writers were in puberty when they wrote it, yes that's true. The songs that he himself co-wrote aren't the best either, BUT the compositions are mostly fine if not dated on a couple tracks. Looking back, it's quite tragic how the worst track completely overshadowed the LP. He is a pretty weird fella though, so maybe it's all justified? Idk. chi1

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    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      He and his music isn't worth anyone's time

    3. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      bey3 @Fletch

      It's just two very short paragraphs ari7 @Atlantis Princess

      Hmmm...I sure like Get Low, but that's Zedd song so of course it's good! rav2 @Kuchisabishii

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      For a status it's an essay ellie1 

  16. EwyMlxVVIAIv0-B?format=jpg&name=900x900

    I thought, oh she stopped tanning and she looks like....herself, again. Hm. gaga6

    1. Mario


      Love this pic ❤️

  17. I just heard an unknown country song coming off of my mom's phone. Apparently, she's watching a YouTube short on how to set wallpapers (like the walls, not phone) and the video has the song as its audio. Almost thought she suddenly turned into a yeehaw audience.

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      At least that bullet was dodged dead4

  18. Billie won a Grammy for that song...why? bey4

    1. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      Because it's an absolute masterclass of personal and honest songwriting and superb production and is one of the best songs on the last few years as well as easily the best song in her discography as of now bey7

    2. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      Every other songs from her debut LP are better than everything she wanted...but my question wasn't really based on that. Billie was right about Meghan, and I would say that Doja also deserved to win that category (although that would make the rapist won as well so yikes). Heck, Dua's song was the best selling single from a female artist worldwide, wasn't it? And if it's not about the chart/commercial success, then why didn't the Black Pumas song win it? It's...a choice.

  19. A legend, an icon, a musician, a woman and a goddess. I know that's right! moo9

    1. Mario


      MARIAH aka THE VOICE moo9

      truly A TRUE LEGEND! moo9

  20. I'm currently listening to Oops!...I Did It Again album and it really goes downhill after Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know doesn't it? Even Lucky is mostly saved by its lyrics rather than its melodies. The melodies throughout the song is pretty generic within the album's overall sonic landscape. Then the bottom half just filled with a series of inconsistency, and it's gonna end with Dear Diary? The adolescence of it all. bey9

    Her singing is pretty great, though!

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    2. Brave


      Absolutely, ITZ+Britney+Blackout are really great albums that still live up and you can tell she was REALLY into making music during that time, even though she was going through struggles from 2004-2007. She really did make an effort making her sound more mature and timeless. I really hope we get a chance to see that again really soon after this conservatorship ends and she takes back control demi1

    3. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      @BabyMario44 Same, honestly. Although I guess I've grown to like Glory more than the 2001 album nowadays. I think the breaking free theme that ran throughout every songs from Britney have gotten dried up to me. I enjoy her actual freedom and maturity on Glory more.

    4. Madonna


      Can't Make You Love Me, What U See Is What U Get & Don't Go Knockin' on My Door are good. The rest of the album aside from the singles is HORRIBLE.

  21. Towards the end it becomes completely ridiculous though, but it's pretty interesting to hear the similarities between a lot of the songs included here.

  22. 2232abae999450d7251bfadb0948d5e9.1000x10

    Found this photo and let me just say, this could actually be a Madame X album cover. It's really striking and frankly I like this wig on her! It also played into the whole Madame X is "a lot of things but never defined" concept because she literally doesn't even look like herself here. Truly an espionage master! mad7

    1. Mario


      This pic giving me American Life vibes lol

    2. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      Tbh the entire album gives me American Life vibes. Just with less excessive production from Mirwais.

  23. Phillips be providing the best lighting for mankind, yes!

  24. Holy smokes!

    I'm not the poster girl of feelings, but with you I can't stop!

    Holy smokes!

    I want the sweet organic healing on the tip of my tongue!

    I want a 15 minutes version of this masterpiece! Zara LaDonna Summerson fuvkin' snapped on this sublime bop! alex1

  25. NRI5HVe.jpg

    1. Bimini Bon Bussy

      Bimini Bon Bussy

      Mariah ? jj4 I can't 

    2. Madonna


      MARIAH! This girl...I swear to god... eve1