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    2. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      I think she meant JLo? That she wasn't a different generation (that Mariah considered her as her peer, maybe?) and she only began to sing later post-Mottola assistance because JLo used to have other people singing for her? Or idk, it could also be Beyoncé, that Mariah perhaps considered her as a peer and she knew that Bey was part of the Destiny's Child before she went solo in 2003/4. But that wouldn't make any sense because she proceeded to praise Bey while never mentioned JLo's name. I suppose it's the first.

    3. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      A confusing shade from Mimi gag1

    4. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      The Beyoncé praise is everything clap3clap3