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  1. I'm interested!.... Wish y'all the best of luck, merry March month!
  2. NRI5HVe.jpg

    1. Lukas


      Mariah ? jj4 I can't 

    2. Madonna


      MARIAH! This girl...I swear to god... eve1 

  3. Chosen Family by Rina Sawayama is the song of decade in a much better world than ours. The fact that a song like that cannot be a number 1 hit on charts like Billboard or RS is a joke, while so many ugly songs have debuted at the top. The fact that she could take Flashlight from Jessie J's crippled grip and successfully made a very superior song out of that foundation...main pop girlie tingz!

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    2. Kuchisabishii


      I need an album of STFU, XS, Whos gonna save you now and Tokyo Takeover cry0

    3. Lukas


      Justice for Who's Gonna Save U Now and Lucid! 

    4. Kuchisabishii


      lucid didnt sound good to me until its 4th listen jj3 

  4. I've observed the way this section has been used for the last two years now and realized that oftentimes conversations/threads that don't necessarily feel like a "stan war" type of thing are made in it. Do we have to be more conscious about this or keep doing whatever we do? I, too, have contributed to quite a lot of threads that aren't necessarily BG worthy, from making it myself to engaging within it. Including THIS one, I suppose. Maybe if we re-establish the definition of BG (or do something about it, at least), then we can help FOTP to have some sort of revival? Because honestly, thi
  5. Wait until Adele releases a grunge rock album featuring Mariah, I CAN FEEL IT! LMAO. They took a long time each, but as long as the promo tactics will be good, the success will be great. Like usual. Major label artists like them, who haven't flopped like Xtina or JLo, will grab the gp's attention very fast and easy. Especially when the music itself will be really good, then there's going to be no worries.
  6. I am deceased like the little mermaid from HCA's original tale! fall6

  7. I think it's all cool. You always have eyes for the correct pictures, but it's the fonts that sometimes missed the mark. From this batch, I like debut and Merry Christmas the most.
  8. Oh, I didn't know that Kurt Cobain is alive?


    1. BabyMario44


      He's trying too hard imo

    2. Lukas


      Thats gotta be the worse album cover I've ever seen and I've brought a copy of Joanne on vinyl 

  9. These are some cool arts. However, I would've liked it more if you stayed true to the original aesthetics of each eras, I mean the font designs. But seriously, that Rhythm of Love cover is very pretty!
  10. It's very easy to call and claim anything as homophobic, transphobic, etc. these days, but by claiming that gender reveal parties should be abolished because it's transphobic is simply an act of insincerity within itself. You're completely ignoring and rejecting the dynamics of all sexual beings by excluding the inherent quality of heterosexuality. That's not inclusive at all, that's just people like Demi being mean and shady. Like Gilly stated: Yes, heterosexuals being CAN BE homophobic and transphobic, but it doesn't mean that all of them are. Plenty of heterosexuals and binary peopl
  11. Madison Beer's debut album is cool. There's plenty of actually great songs, but seriously, isn't Blue just a [ugly] Born to Die-era throwback? The sis relied heavily on production and sometimes it sounded too noisy. Baby you're not Björk; it's good that she's trying to be artistic but the experimentation often fails. The singing should have been the main focus of this album, but not until Homesick that I finally got to LISTEN to what she had to say.

  12. That sleeveless grey torn sweater situation makes me feel things btw. The beret sucks though, King should have just let his regal hair set free with that outfit specifically. The other clothes are arethafranktayswiftgown.gif I guess. The cinematography is a bit lame this time and there's also no iconic shot. Open Mind had several, on the other hand.