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  1. This better be the direction that she'll go for in the next English album. Or the Spanish one. Or both!!! And hopefully there'll be no goddamn excessive interludes!!! Not even Janet does that anymore!
  2. This was pretty legendary if you ask me. bey7

  3. 8. And God Created Kylie, I know that's right!!!!
  4. So, this leaked. What do you guys think about it? I think it's good!
  5. Songs for You by Tinashe is a really good album. Facts only here. bey5

  6. Those people are basically saying "f you" without saying the insult to ha. It's so tragick! I believe that if she wanted to prove a point and bring a business down, she would've needed additional information that could gain her the upper hand. Like that one diabetic user apparently DMed her in IG and told her an advice from their own doctor that they shouldn't consume sugar-free or gluten-free menu because those food contained artificial sweeteners that are more dangerous to human body than real sugar. But Demi didn't do that in her own action, so yeah.. Well, it's a virgin gays for God m
  7. You know what? I actually like Sam Smith's music! I have never actually listened to any of their albums in their entirety respectively, but I just did. Their debut is really great, the second album kind of drags, but the newest one is pretty good! bey5

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i only heard Love Goes in full so far and i did wish that they released To Die For as it was planned and later released Love Goes as an EP or somth

  8. This is why that one Biblical passage talked about how we shouldn't do something unless we're looking forward for that very thing to happen to us too. Or something like that. I haven't read the Bible since 3 years ago so hey, don't blame moi pls. Also it's somewhat a "you reap what you sow" scenario that's currently happening to ha.
  9. I believe the appropriate term for Demi's latest behavior is: narcissistic. Now, what her fandom does as a whole is herd mentality, and we can also call them narcissists. I am glad that I had stopped being a part of Lovatics the group and just became a solitary Lovatic till now. Maybe individualism is a good thing.
  10. Somebody had concocted an "official" theme song for us Lambs! Here it is: I wish MC would make an actual song for the Lambs, preferably in '70s disco style a la Meteorite or at least inspired by it like You Don't Know What to Do. It's not my channel btw.
  11. Can someone educate me a bit about generational wealth? I know that it's somewhat an individualistic method of saving up for possible future generations down the line, but is that something more systemic than I assumed? @Mr. Mendes You're usually good at this. I've googled, but it showed up results of private ownership of properties and wealth in a family, not necessarily for a larger group.
  12. Why am I just now discovering La Roux? I am pretty sure Mariah was influenced by the music of Liz Phair when she was making Someone's Ugly Daughter as "Chick."


    Edit: jj2

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      this status is giving me vibes of that one britney tweet.

    3. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      @Urbi But anything from the debut album is excellent!

      @LittleDudeNT5 That's the point. jj2

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      @An Impossible Princess Okay it didn't seem anyone else was catching it so I wasn't sure dead2 

  13. EzTFJ6GVUAwic1f?format=jpg&name=medium




    I'm not even hxrny. I just want a boyfriend, preferably like him. cry5

  14. Shhhh, don't ruin twitter little rascals wet dream for, like, what, 30 years now? Let them be happy.
  15. Songs that need to be retired: Candy Shop and its assorted dated bops. Song that need to be put in the spotlight more often: anything from Music, honestly.
  16. This remix. Tell me this isn't Janet's All Nite (Don't Stop). I dare you.
  17. And there you have it, yet again...a what could have been immaculate era for her now in shambles because of her own antics. She just can't win.
  18. Why did they not take a pic together? cry4

    1. Mario


      Love to see the vocal trinity here 😍😍

  19. Because the Wonhoes thread is seemingly DEAD nowadays, I've decided to supply His Royaltea's majestic photos here from now on. Look here, the way this big sexy man is a part-time baby boyfriend for us hoes:







  20. Earth is like a white rose

    Quite cloud of petals cold

    A place so corrupt

    Where angel flesh and blood is sold

    The feminine is born as new

    Studded with a diamond dew

    Saw the dawn was coming

    Everybody knew




    This is the only good part of Marina's latest song. Lyrically, at least. aura1

  21. The standard looks best because centering her in the image makes her look like she got down to her knees at a pond. Like a frog. The blue background in the third cover throws off the balance of the artwork.