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  1. The song is short, but it feels even shorter. For crying out loud extend your songs, Madison! They're good!
  2. That DJ remix of MC's Circles... it's bad.

  3. What I really don't like about Padam Padam is the fact that it sounds like a very reductive spin on Can't Get You Out of My Head. Which is ridiculous because the latter is the far simpler song!

  4. It's the mastering/mixing. I mean, all of Golden sounds like it's made in a cheap metal tube under a bridge with a busy traffic.
  5. Life is very puzzling. One second you're feeling the highest peak of your life, the next you're left confused how the hell did you end up on the floor sobbing like a  5 year old again. tina1

  6. I know that music reception is completely subjective, but one must be questioned thoroughly whether they're on their right mind or not if they happen to like Born Pink than Renaissance.

    1. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      Renaissance is unlistenable

  7. I can't believe we're going to get a new Kylie album with killer images but shitty songs.

  8. Apparently there's another song circulating around called Drum. It's...good! But according to a leaked tracklist it won't be a part of the album. I can't. Between this and the missed opportunity of Lost Without You from Golden, I really wish she could start seeing what sonic direction would give her the advantage of seeming innovative again. Padam Padam is just atrocious.
  9. Her Deconstruction albums are good top to bottom. Body Language is good top to bottom. Even Aphrodite is solid. It's not rare for her before, however now it is.
  10. Hi. If you haven't heard it already, Kylie had released a new song in collaboration with Oliver Heldens, a DJ, and it's called 10 Out of 10. A true what the fuck moment to me. What happened here should have been a puzzling mystery to most, but it's really not. Kylie has been doing the most unimpressive music since Into the Blue, the lead single of Kiss Me Once, flopped to oblivion despite it being one of her best songs since the likes of Spinning Around and Can't Get You Out of My Head. I mean, the entirety of the Kiss Me Once album was and still is mediocre. Hell, Golden a
  11. Does that make me a snack? Did I eat?! Are there any crumbs left - ellie1

  12. Karma is kinda the best song of Midnights.

    1. Lynk


      Maroon and Lavender Haze >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  13. I hate homophobia and transphobia. I hate them so much. We really can't live peacefully with the heteros.

  14. “It's bad.”

    “What is?”

    “My life!”

    “What happened?”




    A conversation inside my skull.

    1. LuranusLur


      Maybe someday!!

  15. I've never had sex. Want to but not know what to do or why should. I wonder what difference does it make. To have to desire for another person in ways that could only hurt.



    A prude (but not really!)

    1. Sabrin


      Are you asexual?

    2. B L U E

      B L U E

      No. Just a virgin.