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  1. Bionic-AHHH!

    Anybody who adores E=MCsquared and goes to say that it's one of Ms. Carey's best works truly don't deserve rights.
  2. Bionic-AHHH!


    I need her Somebody's Ugly Daughter album with her lead vocals. After that, I need her Superstar disco album. Yes, greed, yes desire!
  3. Bionic-AHHH!

    Mariah has a 30 years career as a soloist. Wonho just barely started. I mean...
  4. Bionic-AHHH!

    That's literally Glitter and Virgin Records. She was already with Island when Charmbracelet was released.
  5. Bionic-AHHH!

    Yaaaasss fulfilling the OP's intention!!!! Alexa, play I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher Lloyd.
  6. Bionic-AHHH!

    Emancipation was considered a comeback by critics and media because MC stopped making personal diary-entry-like music. Tbh, her Charmbracelet stories were not that interesting save for few tracks like Sunflowers for Alfred Roy and Clown. Glad that she made something different for TEoM.
  7. Bionic-AHHH!

    The quality of what? His lame, packaged like condoms, EP? His thin ass voice? He couldn't even sing a supported C, it's always his weak falsetto. What other qualities? He's really just good for his body. Unfortunate, but it's the truth.
  8. Bionic-AHHH!

    She only had Glitter that flopped. Charmbracelet literally sold a million sales in the U.S.A. and 3 millions worldwide, especially after the success of I Know What You Want. Meanwhile, none of Back to Basics Grammy winning tracks could even reach the top 5 on Billboard Hot 100. Embarrassing.
  9. Bionic-AHHH!

    He literally has 5 songs in his "discography" like what even is that?
  10. Bionic-AHHH!

    Btw not me stanning three people that already left this world. Alexa, play One Sweet Day by...I think you already know her name by now.
  11. Bionic-AHHH!

    ....... ............. .................... ..like Mariah?
  12. Bionic-AHHH!

    @Billie Frank should we?
  13. Bionic-AHHH!

    Aceteajay is a Trump supporter? TMZ where you at?!
  14. Bionic-AHHH!

    And then what? Waiting.mp3 for the Lambs to post Beacon Theatre concerts videos from the same year, again? Wow, what a pathetic trigger attempt.
  15. Bionic-AHHH!

    @harry is hiding. Well, I mean Robyn only has one good song. That is Dancing on My Own.
  16. Bionic-AHHH!

    Yas trigger! Keep triggering moi, aceteajay! Lemme go report your gaygottry to your 70 y.o. parents.
  17. Bionic-AHHH!

    Ah, maybe they're just blind then. It's ok, we love the elderly. Whenever Xtina sings, I feel like being drilled by one of those utilities needed to build an office. Right in my ears. You feel nothing? Ms. @STJ? OMG she's fucking dead!
  18. Bionic-AHHH!

    Not me being unable to shade Selena. Ms. Como la Flor was too nice of a human being, I miss her so much.
  19. Bionic-AHHH!

    What? A sense of death? Terrors? Maybe it's your cholesterol levels.
  20. Bionic-AHHH!

    Just edited it. Wow, what a pair of dusty parents you have there.
  21. Bionic-AHHH!

    Yeah, at the live concerts. Not on the actual Charmbracelet album.
  22. Bionic-AHHH!

    Xtina does not have better timbre than Mariah, I won't give you that. Not when Madamtina essentially imitate Mariah's timbre most of the time. Mariah does not look like a blowfish, she just looks old and that's ok. Her makeup nowadays is unnecessary, but I guess that's what she prefers. Her taste in beauty styling is infamously known to be questionable at best. Mariah's music post Emancipation is not better or on par with her pre-2005 music. Caution is a bore but at least the production made up for its lack of vocals. Mariah's lyricism peaked with Butterfly, from there it's only regular. Sometimes real stinks, like on E=MCsquared. Edited to trigger: @STJ
  23. Bionic-AHHH!

    Charmbracelet has stronger melodies than Emancipation of Mimi, but the singing on Charm was fucking terrible. Her live shows during that era was better than any Adventures of Mimi concert, though.
  24. Bionic-AHHH!

    Not to mention that the song also featured watered down white version of the Boyz II Men a.k.a. 98 Degrees. Btw, since Mariah isn't the only one that is on by badge list, let me state my opinions that nobody necessarily needed: 1. Prince is better than The Beatles 2. But Prince is not better than MJ 3. Prince peaked with the Purple Rain soundtrack 4. Selena Quintanilla was a better artist than Madonna 5. Selena was also a better vocalist than Madonna 6. Selena's death paved the way for Latin explosion in the U.S.A., not J.Lo or Ricky Martin 7. Her death overshadowed her whole entire career 8. Though iconic, her spinning dancing moves is honestly unnecessary 9. Wonho is not a good singer 10. He's also not a very good songwriter 11. Wonho is widely famous for his physique rather than his minimum music talent 12. Though he still has a long way ahead of him, his artistry will never reach any kind of peaks 13. Open Mind is such a lackluster dance pop song 14. His actual fanbase is so weird 15. Kate Bush is better than Prince 16. Kate is not a very remarkable lyricist though 17. Her melodies are largely forgettable 18. The Dreaming fucking sucks 19. George Michael made forgettable music 20. His earliest music was the best compared to his later career 21. He had amazing ears for great melodies, but his music sucks post-Older 22. Faith isn't that good of an album, Listen Without Prejudice is better 23. He wasn't that handsome
  25. Bionic-AHHH!

    1. I hate E=MCsquared 2. More than I hate Music Box 3. I hate Charmbracelet too, mainly because of her chipmunk singing 4. I hate the fact that Rainbow, as a concept album of, well, a rainbow, has colours/songs like X-Girlfriend and Did I Do That? 5. I hate that she half-heartedly recognizes Glitter nowadays 6. I hate Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel for its shitty "memoir" concept, it's very half-baked 7. I don't find her If Only You Knew/Somewhere Over the Rainbow live performance particularly amazing like most Lambs would say, I think it's just ok 8. I hate Angels Cry 9. I always thought that the planned Angels Advocate remix album was a dumb idea 10. I still do 11. I hate remix albums in general, but I can enjoy remixed tracks as individual songs 12. I would never want her to duet with Ariana, it's just gonna seem so desperate to the general American public 13. MC's current timbre/vocal tone is worse than her 2013-2016