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  1. Last year I had created a thread meant to rank Katy's discography prior to Smile's arrival. However, I've found myself not agreeing with my own opinion back then. Particularly about one thing. One album. So, basically, this is a revamped ranking PLUS reviews of all of her studio albums. I'm also adding her Katy Hudson album here simply for a lil kii. Enjoy! 1. PRISM a.k.a. Teenage who? Dreamed of what? Let me quote some lyrics, alright? Here's the opening line of Roar, ANOTHER ONE! for her: Um, alright. That must've hurt. Another one, please? ...so Peacoc
  2. When you dislike somebody or the music that they make, you don't go around calling them talentless. No... You shade them, criticize them for making a subjectively bad song and go on with your life. That way you actually have legitimacy over your stance against the music and the artist. You also could acknowledge that maybe the music is somewhat subpar to what you think the artist actually can do...but choose not to do. It's valid criticism.

    If your 'criticism' only cover about "oh this artist has no talent, that artist is no more talented than that other artist, oh they must be selling their bodies to be popular, ah it must be a decision made in hurry because they want to be popular!" then you know that you don't actually know what you're talking about. Talent may be objective, but its usage and the extent of it are all subjective. Preference is subjective.

    Anyway, I love this fanmade mix of Love Me Right:

    It's great!

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    2. Howard Lotor

      Howard Lotor

      Sweetener is Ariana's best album. true1


      No this isn't a troll post true1


    3. Mario Spears

      Mario Spears

      this remix is really good.

    4. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Ended St!nk


  3. I think this will be yet another useless effort to wake that member up. At this point, he's clearly stated that he isn't a fan of Brown the horrible person, but rather Brown the horrible artist. It's very hard to deal with someone who does that separation of art from the artist type of thing. Anyway, I've never cared about a single Chris Brown song, so yay on me!
  4. It's quite insane for me to think about my complicated journey with Chromatica by Gaga. At first, I was intrigued by Stupid Love's killer instrumentation/synthesizer patterns, albeit totally understood that the lyrics were pretty much her worst lyrics ever. Then, Rain on Me was released and I was like, that's it? Alright... oprah8

    I waited for the entire album to be released and really was underwhelmed by its entirety once I got it. After that, though, I listened to it again and found that some songs were pretty damn great melodically. Songs like Free Woman, Plastic Doll, 1000 Doves and, frankly, Rain on Me were so sweet yet bitter and achingly bare; speaks a lot about Gaga's true skill as a composer. I also thought that Babylon and 911 were among the immediate great songs from the LP! oprah10

    Long after all of that, however, I found myself simply exhausted caused by overplaying it. Then, I liked it again, and by God I swear that I had turned into a big Replay fan after many weeks thinking that it was the worst song of the album. Now, I am at a point of realization that Chromatica is filled with so many good melodic hooks and a particularly attractive theme connecting all of the music. A journey of revitalizing hope and finding peace after struggling with the very thing that should be Gaga's most comfortable and securing medium: music. All of it ultimately failed at the end because she never seemed to have found the conclusion of what she was trying to find in Chromatica. The album ultimately feels hollow and unfinished. Add also the fact that there's too many short-length tracks and, yeah... I think I'm done with it. oprah1

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      my #1 fav on the album has always been Replay. and the Dorian Electra remix solidifies its top spot true1 

    2. Lukas
  5. I've just watched the rebooted Resident Evil movie. I have some thoughts:


    1. Why the hell was Lisa Trevor in the orphanage? I mean, ok, but she also had the keys to that elevator which connects to the lab under the Spencer Mansion. Why did she never get away from the orphanage? And why the fuck did Claire Redfield just let her stay in the wretched facility? brit1

    2. Claire's characterization makes no fuckin' sense. She came to Raccoon City to get her brother, Chris, to go away from the town with her. Ok, but then she's also an all around badass who didn't have anything else other than, "I'm a badass." What a poorly written character. aretha1

    3. On that note, the movie version of Albert Wesker is a joke. The only time he was threatening was when he shot William and Annette Birkin and acted like it's William's fault. The fuck, but also yes that's a villain right there! Other than that, get him out of my face. ari1

    4. Chris was probably the "best" character in the movie, but even his characterization lacked motivation and depth. Jill Valentine, Brian Irons and Leon Kennedy also suffered the same fate of being underdeveloped characters. anna1

    5. RELEASE THE JILL CUT! MY GOD she was so underutilized here. Also, to think that I was worrying about her characterization but she ended up being far more interesting than Claire even with her limited screentime. JILL DESERVED BETTER! Leon as well but, oh well, never really cared that much about him! alex1


    Overall, it was very fun to watch. It was actually terrifying for the most part, but that third act was comedy at its worst. Yay for the brother saved by his sister though! That's nice. bop1

  6. The thought of Nazi/neo-Nazi possibly coming back...wow you're truly serving tea here!
  7. Unpopular opinions (I guess it's still a thing): the 2003's Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner wasn't bad. It's better than some of MCU's 'origin' films. The script wasn't the greatest but it was thoroughly fun. I haven't watched the director's cut yet, but I've read that it apparently had gotten more acclaim. Lastly, Ben doesn't need to be ashamed of ever starring in this role. He was a great Matt Murdock/Daredevil.

  8. The downvote somebody received because of...nothing? The cover looks less evocative than the standard edition tbh. It's not bad, but it just doesn't fit the mood of this album.
  9. A masterpiece, Mona Lisa can't relate, etc. cry0

    1. Madonna
    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Meg's feature fits perfectly shock1  

  10. That's awesome. It's crazy to remember that Rihanna was once such a massive seller in pop music tbh.
  11. The Hoanne tour was overall pretty good tbh. Her costumes were every shades of nice in it. It's sad that her Liturds Monsta demanded her to be "pure pop" again. Another Mark Ronson-produced album would've been great imo.
  12. It was too caricature-ish. Even her Born This Way capsule would look like a masterpiece compared to all of her Chromatids antics.
  13. Honestly, y'all are arguing over the wrong people. Justin fuckin' Bieber with his maggot of an album is right there. DisgustANG! Also, Dr. Luke being nominated thru Doja's nomination...I can't.