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  1. Some people are far too adamant with their opinions about how Mariah is *just* a white woman. She literally had an Afro-American father, with skin the blackest of night. She is a biracial woman. Multi-racial, even! The fact that specific group of people will only "claim" black people with visible black colored skin while constantly rejecting those who don't have black/brown skin...DESPITE THEM BEING BLACK/HAVING AFRICAN GENE IN THEIR DNA! What kind of stupid colorist racist behavior is that?!


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    2. Royale


      Ok now. As a Black European, I do agree that it isn't correct to refer to Mariah as "white" - which would erase the African-American ancestry she directly inherited from her father, but this works both ways tbh! Phenotype must not be ignored (literally her physical appearance), and it is clear as day that Mariah Carey can easily pass off as white - and you have to take into consideration the fact that she tans a lot. She's biracial, and it is okay to refer to her as such. I get the one-drop-rule social principle, but iirc, this rule was never officially codified or so. dead2 - saying it in case people also accept that she could *only* be referred to as "black". 

    3. Kyoteki


      I bet the person erasing her black heritage ain't even Black. Unhinged and mentally unwell honestly...

    4. Gwen Stefanee

      Gwen Stefanee

      I forgot that Venezuelan Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race. dead2 @Atlantis Princess

  2. Now that's just cruel. Has the guy actually made racist behaviors? Because if his mother is telling the truth, then that DefNoodles account has participated in defamation of character against the singer. Edit: Apparently, this is a picture from a scene in the movie that his mother said he and his friends were inspired from: Welp.
  3. My two personalities every day, every time. bey11


    a classic i fear oprah15

  4. Fix your spelling. Anyways, Mariah doesn't have an album as bad as Exorcise Your Hole. Even Glitter isn't as mediocre as Kylie's debut album. So, let the sheep be sheep!
  5. A question for all Britney stans here, would My Baby be less dissed/panned by fans if the "I smell your breath, it makes me cry" lyrics had been written as "I smell your scent, it makes me cry" instead? Because I think the song is fine, quite touching actually as it's essentially the sequel to Someday (I Will Understand), but that one line has always been the main complaint of many fans and even professional critics. Not to mention that it's become such a joke within the Britney fan community. What do you think? brit14


    Regardless, it still doesn't fit the Circus album, so I guess it'll be forever frowned upon by many.

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    2. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      It has bad lyrics in general not just that line so no

    3. Living Dead Boy

      Living Dead Boy

      It's a harsh break from the rest of the album and doesn't really fit but I agree it's a pretty song and fits with Someday. The line doesn't bother me anymore like it used to, to know how personal the song was to her at that time I enjoy it.

    4. Cha Eunwoo

      Cha Eunwoo

      They should hate on Femme Fatale instead, I wanna go has the worst lyrics ever. I-i-i- wanna go-o-o-o all the way-ay-ay-ay tonight-ight-ight... brit15

  6. Well, Radioactive is actually great. But the others are not to me!
  7. She is the elusive chanteuse, yes, but she's also a smart businesswoman yes!
  8. This is still going on and it's the most disgusting event in history. What the fuck is in their brains?
  9. I've finished scrolling through all of the things that I've written in this forum under my most iconic alias, Bionic-AHHH!. Honestly, what a mess that I was. jj4

    1. Fletch


      self reflection so important 💖

  10. Yes. Just a month ago I heard I Don't Wanna Cry on the radio. A year ago I've heard Vision of Love, Always Be My Baby, and Your Girl in a mall.
  11. They have. Yet now Ava's trying to rebrand herself as Mariah of this generation with her off-kilter wig, computerized whistle notes and TikTok dancing. Ariana could never!
  12. Honestly, I'm not surprised with Butterfly total units. She had just came off of a very big era (Daydream) and had chosen to follow through with her "new" sound, which is actually the same genre that she had established herself in with the debut album a.k.a. R&B, but there's a difference between the sound of 1990 R&B and mid-90s R&B which is evident in the Butterfly album. She must have polarized her audience.