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  1. https://www.metacritic.com/music/diamonds-dancefloors/ava-max/user-reviews Yas.
  2. I think Harry's House won the award because of his network/connection. Isn't the daughter of a Grammy member featured in his song? The Grammy official twitter account tweeted that as a fun fact. Fun to who? Nobody, exactly.

  3. The fact that they're talking about "the lack of trust" within the communities towards police. No self awareness whatsoever. How can there be trust when people get killed by the cops every day even on the streets? Make it make sense.
  4. The girls are listening to Ava's new album? I know that's right!


  5. Let's not lie. The debut was an atrocity compared to this new one.
  6. Rina Sawayama is sort of the Mariah Carey of our generation. Debut album was so acclaimed and successful while second album has been somewhat criticized as repeated formula but more "mainstream". Naur it's true, it's true!

    1. max
    2. Lynk


      The fact that this came from a Mariah stan... dead2

      Also I'm almost certain critics weren't too kind to Mariah's debut

    3. Ho-oH


      It's just because I've recently become a Rinastan. @max

      Critics were very kind to Mariah's debut. It's Emotions, the follow up, that they weren't praising much. Then with Music Box (and even Merry Christmas) critics were just straight up calling her the white alternative to Whitney. It's not until Daydream, or honestly Butterfly, that they started to stan her again just like they originally did with her debut. @Lynk

  7. No, the one who sang with Halsey. Isn't he? Btw there's nothing wrong with fat people.
  8. The immersion breaking! Honestly, when twitter stans come to the understanding that most of their "yaasss queen so relatable and fun ugh!" faves have never interacted with them, that those have been management team and could even be interns (!) they will finally know that capitalists are just capitalizing all the time.
  9. So, recently, I read my blog that I used to write some personal things during my teenage years. Reading it made me realize that while a lot of aspects of me have changed for the better, there are still parts that I wish I never "lost". My days of innocence that I took for granted, even if it had seemed not so innocent when I had them. jodie1

  10. *sigh* Alright, let me listen to Chro-




    -oh! Let me listen to Born This Way again, then! julia1

  11. MariahCarey-Sing42LoverboyAlt.jpg

    Honestly, this might be her best single cover. I also prefer this pink border one rather than the more famous blue. The purple one is kinda nice as well!

  12. Happy birthday, Earth! bey6bop1brit16ari5

  13. Babe, I do understand about Chromatica in all seriousness. The only real problems that I have with it is the "I'm going back to my roots y'all!" propaganda without the same or similar melodic strength of her actual song roots. Not to mention the short duration of each song. But I'll do everything for content nowadays!!! Yup. I hate on Chromatica just for the sake of hating Chromatica!