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  1. Hi everyone! *notice everyone have left* Bye everyone!
  2. I've sent my answers, let's see if I can participate in the results show this time!
  3. Adele's 30 album actually... sounds good now? Yes it does. hottie1

  4. Racist white people and their tendency to make everything about as white as a wall paint. It's like everything has to be white with white, no darker shade of skin color allowed. Whew!

    1. Urbi


      Dildo being as big as a cat sends me for some reason rip3 

  5. The obsession that a certain member has over Mariah even when nobody else is discussing her. Mimi you'll always be famous!
  6. You do know that dubbing isn't the same as lipping, right? Like, you at least know that it's not putting the vocals from the actual record over a live performance, right? Mariah often had to sing live multiple times during her shows and still chose to dub a.k.a. record yet another vocal recording off stage because someone was always unsatisfied with her vocals, be it herself or Mottola, thus resulting in dubbed performance for DVD releases. If not that, then there's always sound system problem like MTV Unplugged where everything wasn't leveled right for DVD release so she and her band had to r
  7. It will be around 1 a.m. in my local time, so as usual I'll skip the results show. But I'll come back many hours later to observe and give upvotes, dahhhling!
  8. I wouldn't change the title of the first self titled album. After all it was the one which Britney herself meant to establish who she was artistically at that point in her life. The second one, though...ugh. If it was up to me I wouldn't even let her make it. It's the album that had blurred people's perceptions of her and was made during such torturous circumstances. But, if I really have to, I'd like to have it retitled as Passenger. It's an unremarkable title for an unremarkable yet chaotic album. Makes you on edge waiting for the vehicle to crash any minutes. It really fits!
  9. The fact that their perspective is "if our white students read something about bad things that happened in the past, we fear that they might do it again so let's ban those books folks!" makes me laugh my ass off. Not so different from the foreigner "terrorists" that they all unanimously seem to be afraid of, I see.
  10. Where did this delusion about Chris Brown's importance in music industry and pop culture come from? I would get it a bit if he's some kind of world renowned critically lauded artist, but he's not. Like, he's the bottom of the barrel fr.

    1. Mario Spears
    2. Chris


      Lmao indeed


    3. Lynk


      No one thinks that. I made a troll post about whether Katy Perry or Shit Brown was more iconic in response to some stupid shit @Mario Spearssaid. 

  11. Dearest @GlenCoco, I couldn't change my username every week. It's every 30 days. Unless I'm VIP, I think.

  12. Say something that most people remember about XXX other than the consistent delusions his own fans still have about his performing skills. Quick!
  13. I don't know bout y'all but the revised tracklist edition of Beyoncé's 4 ATE. Much better than the original tracklist.

    1. Lynk


      4 in general is a great album. bey5

    2. Mario Spears

      Mario Spears

      Yay!!! ❤️😍😍😍