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  1. When you dislike somebody or the music that they make, you don't go around calling them talentless. No... You shade them, criticize them for making a subjectively bad song and go on with your life. That way you actually have legitimacy over your stance against the music and the artist. You also could acknowledge that maybe the music is somewhat subpar to what you think the artist actually can do...but choose not to do. It's valid criticism.

    If your 'criticism' only cover about "oh this artist has no talent, that artist is no more talented than that other artist, oh they must be selling their bodies to be popular, ah it must be a decision made in hurry because they want to be popular!" then you know that you don't actually know what you're talking about. Talent may be objective, but its usage and the extent of it are all subjective. Preference is subjective.

    Anyway, I love this fanmade mix of Love Me Right:

    It's great!

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    2. Lynk


      Sweetener is Ariana's best album. true1


      No this isn't a troll post true1


    3. Mario Spears

      Mario Spears

      this remix is really good.

    4. Billie Frank