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  1. Mariah really was releasing the wrong singles during the Elusive Chanteuse era. Hashtag Beautiful should've been followed by You Don't Know What to Do, not You're Mine. Is Trey Songz even relevant nowadays? Not really. You're Mine could've been the third single and Meteorite would've made a dope final single. I will forever be saddened by what happened to her during this time a.k.a. the infamous fall. I'm happy that she's in a much much better condition now. Love forever!

    1. Kaeya


      Thirsty should have been a single imo.

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      It's true. 


      You Don't Know What To Do had hit written all over it. true1

    3. Horn.E


      @PARTYNAUSEOUS Thirsty had some critics shook a bit when it was released but even when I was listening to it back then it never felt like a real hit single material. It's not a great song either, so...


      It's so good. A literal great song! I feel like Mariah & JD's plan to release The Art of Letting Go was doomed from the start because while it was another great song, it was too mellow for it to be an actual single. It's more of a deep cut. You Don't Know What to Do really was the hit that got away. @Kim Woodburn