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  1. I know that my "essays" are long and exhaustive, but you can actually read them alright? So why the heck did that particular FOTP member not read it properly? My points were repeated by them as if that's theirs and not mine. I literally put them in my explanation. Literally. Why is that individual so... weird? moo3

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    2. Kaeya


      Like @Billie Frank said, morons like him can't properly articulate their thoughts without sounding delusional.

    3. Kylie


      I didn’t say that offend you though…

    4. Horn.E


      @Kylie Not you, love. It was directed at my then-current nemesis, MGf numerical. kylie1

      I said "then-current" because who knows if the person will continue their "arguments." Very weird person that user is.