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  1. I don't really see a problem with I Guess I Like It Like That as a final song on the standard edition though, but that's probably because I put both Do You Dare and Closer after it in my library. Basically, the album is decent, but it really could've been better had it been longer. If she was allowed, she probably would have made the album 17-tracks long a la Janet.
  2. I think she doesn't hate the era or the album, that would be Impossible Princess. I haven't really seen her talking much about Let's Get to It in recent years, though. Nothing could have saved it from flopping because the sound she chose to do with it was so different from what she's done previously and I believe the Brits weren't really fond of the new jack swing-inspired soundscape. Basically, there was already Janet and she's the originator of the genre beside Prince and Jam & Lewis anyway, so... yeah. It's not much better than her first three albums, but it's definitely the most Americ
  3. And Like a Virgin, True Blue, Bedtime Stories, Hard Candy and MDNA are wall to wall bangers, no fillers efforts? Let me laugh in Butterfly and Impossible Princess.
  4. I don't have any connection to the recently passed away queen whatsoever. Life just goes on, y'know? I really like Rebel Heart.




  5. That's what happens if you only listen to Exorcise Yourself and Musty Box.
  6. Yeah, but Let's Get to It which came after it sucks, so I couldn't count 1990 in.
  7. The way you attempted to deny the greatness of 1994 - 2007 Kylie and 1990 - 2018 MC. Nice try!
  8. I genuinely love her now. I love the styling in that video too. Wow. Gonna say though, she has to stop feeling like an ethnic woman on records. I know that it's not malicious coming from her, but I can't listen to Finally Enough Love because she's used the g-slur in it. Same reason why I also can't listen to that Gaga's song.
  9. Hold me closer, tiny banger.


  10. Positions - Milk. Truly has rotten by now, and that's because the songs are too short + it's structured rather like a mixtape than an album. Glory - Kinda milk but also wine? I don't know about this on- wait, Clumsy is in it? Yeah, milk. Future Nostalgia - Wine but not the best one. Smile - MILK. Disco - This hurts, but milk. Say Something and I Love It are fine wine, though. Chromatica - Milk, rotten and adorned with glitter on top. But still, milk. Madame X - Wine. Honestly. @Madonna can choke. Caution - Very fine wine. ANTI - Wine left in the sun. Tha
  11. Honestly, Nick Cannon is disgusting. Why would you make so many children but can't even maintain one exclusive relationship with someone? I like Hold Me Closer, but the mixing could've been better.

    1. Kylie


      Britney vibes ari5 

  12. Such a a great song! Literally, had it been released by anyone else younger could've been a legitimate top 5 hit on the BB Hot 100. Fuck ageism, honestly.
  13. Can you not use that word? If you're not well educated, it's alright. That's why I'm telling you now, stop using that word. Now, you're educated a bit, but pursue further education by reading dictionaries please.
  14. What do we think about Love Takes Time beyond the general agreement that it was a good single? I feel like it really does not fit in the debut album at all. I personally think Mariah was right when she initially didn't agree to include it and wanted to wait until her then-unnamed second album got created. However, I also feel that it doesn't fit in Emotions? It's quite fascinating to wonder about what could have been.
  15. So, after looking at stats for both Madonna and Mariah, it seems that the world really loved True Blue-donna and Music Box-riah while the U.S. much preferred Like a Virgin-donna and Daydream-riah. It's quite a revelation considering how much English/American-based articles that I've read often referred to Madonna as the "Material Girl singer/star/popstar/chanteuse" whereas in articles from other non-English speaking countries usually just refer to her as, well, Madonna and matches her name with whatever era she was currently portraying. Conversely, Mariah was either called "the Hero/I Want to Know What Love Is chanteuse" by articles from non-English speaking countries because her image outside of the U.S. is so eternally tied to whatever pop ballads she's famous for, while in the U.S. and major English speaking countries she's simply Mariah or Mariah Carey and able to be identified with songs such as Fantasy, Honey, Breakdown, Dreamlover, We Belong Together, Touch My Body, or All I Want for Christmas Is You. The point of this post? Nothing, just a status update.