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  1. If I hadn't said it yet, I'll say it now. ATRL is filled with weird people. Very weird people. Perhaps more similar to y'all-know-who in the way they stan their faves and function as stans than us here. Anyway...

    Here's another video of Color Me Badd, btw, a group that I just got obsessed with because I had looked up 1992 Grammy Awards on YouTube, 'cuz Mariah had performed there, and I saw a clip of these guys basically having a very silly (but on trend at the time, I suppose) singing battle on stage with Boyz II Men:

    (It starts somewhere around 17:35).

    Anyway again, here's the actual video that I actually want y'all to watch carefully because we really need to petition Hollywood to bring back men who can actually sing sing to the forefront of popular music:

    Plus the lead singer is so fine? My God!

  2. Not this song being better than half of the album. Not this song also being better than anything from the Dangerous Woman album.
  3. The song is ass, but wow the video is pretty cool...in a dated way. Who knows the guy who wrote Legendsica Succession's hit single, I Wanna Love You Forever, was once a part of a group who sang about wanna make love till they drown (in pu**y juices perhaps, wow). Anyway, they all had great voices! clap3 #ARandomDiscoverybyRuby

  4. I bet those homophobes he was talking to were making lewd jokes about his lesbian sister afterwards. It's sick, homophobes have such disgusting fucking minds.
  5. + Her music rocks. Her songs are pretty perfect for most part. Which is why I'm wondering what kind of sound will she pursue for the next record.
  6. Whoever that person who tweeted it, LEAVE HER ALONE, unless you're going to provide a much better life for her. If not, then, please kindly fuck off. Thank you.
  7. Save Me is still my favorite song of hers, but wow she's a menace. Her husband is too.
  8. This thread is literally this: Btw I'm listening to Me and Madonna + The Music.
  9. This song is banging and cool, but it's definitely not her best lead single. It's also not timeless.
  10. I think Kelly Clarkson is a much better singer (as in vocalist) than a musician (as in composer/songwriter). Listening to her discography, starting from Thankful up till Meaning of Life, solidifies it for me.

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    2. Disney


      I think most people don't really look at Kelly for her song writing capabilities because she's so well known as a great vocalist. 'Sober' on My December is probably one of my favorite songs she's written tho. 

    3. Disney
    4. Ruby


      @Disney True. I think Sober is great too. She's like a reverse Mariah to me; whereas Mariah always wanted to make sure people know that she wrote her music and that she's not just a vocalist, Kelly on the other hand always made sure that people won't forget that she's a vocalist first and foremost despite having songs written by herself.

  11. E_13SkMUcBAlDb0?format=jpg&name=large

    Not gonna lie, but if Shawn is going to go full on sexual imagery like these pictures for his next era, I would stan so hard. Also if the music will be consistently exciting and not a dull moment. But seriously, why has he not ever thought about doing this concept? I mean, the guy has literally been taking shirtless photos for many magazine spread since forever ago, so it just makes it more tragiqué to moi? Maybe it's because he wanted to be recognized as a serious musician (or, at least, potentially to be...considering that boy's market was literally teenage girls) but oh my God! The fact that he hasn't caught on to the fact that a lot of people have gotten so tired of him so fast is because of how plain he is. Like, add some spices even if it's just a discounted Tom of Finland imagery like this and make ONE banging tune that talks about fucxking rawdog style. Literally would be a rockstar EVENT.

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      His jawline in some of these don't look like it usually does lol3