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  1. Tama here

    I remember when I wanted Ava Max to flourish with her career. I still want it. However, the girl is clearly struggling with the non-quality of her most recent songs. WHY NOT RE-PUSH MY WAY OR EVEN SALT?!?!! Color me confused. brit14

    1. Chris Morlock

      I like the new single

  2. Tama here

    I can't with all these sudden Britney conspiracy theorists saying Max Martin forced her to sing with the "baby voice" when it was Eric Foster White that made her sing with that higher pitch. Also, the Rolling Stone lolita cover was entirely her idea and her management actually disliked that sexy imagery. brit4

  3. Tama

    You might not want to hear this, but... ....Justin Timberlake is indeed the prince of pop music. Let's not bring the actual Prince Nelson to this discussion since he's much more of a King himself on par with MJ. Even better than MJ, honestly. I would also say that George Michael was probably the closest we had for a much better prince of pop. He makes much better pop/R&B music than any of the Justins.
  4. Tama here

    You never knew her before...

    ...then BOOM! Now you know, just like that. bey5

    1. STJ

      She reminds me of Erika Jayne dead4




    2. Tama

      Well ari9

      But this Agnez girl can sing a la 90s divas babe. Literally been searching for her other songs after watching that video, turns out she has more bops and also ballads. Apparently she's from Asia. Pretty impressive discography.

    3. STJ

      Don't shade mariah like that sis. this girl sounds more like leona lewis' level. Also didn't realize she was asian... i thought she was some other mixed race due to the hair bleach dead4 But she looks more asian in older videos where she had brown/black hair.

  5. Tama


    I like her latest single, Who's Laughing Now, but I dislike the video. It's part of the Hell side. The video should have been darker and more cinematic in the way it's shot. I am literally envisioning a different video right now, it should have been a battle between her good side and bad side. Maybe have a scene where it would reenact the album cover; like a dark room with her good side sitting on a large mirror surface and her bad side coming from below and beginning to taunt her. Or something! It also ended abruptly, I think it needed a bit longer coda at the end. I don't like Salt at all, that chorus is tragic. Love Torn, really like Sweet but Psycho, don't really care about Kings & Queens because the composition is not stellar (the repetitive chorus sounds TOO repetitive because the verses are melodically such a non-event), and I'm mad that she won't include My Way as part of the album. That's her debut single as Ava Max.
  6. Tama here

    I want to slap Nick Jonas right on his face for not promoting himself better during his short time as a solo star. He literally had (and still has) everything that should make him a main pop guy. Look at him now, singing through his teeth, sounding like a hiss every fucking time. The hell.

  7. This girl's music is so messy. The video for this song honestly tried too hard on the different looks rather than telling a coherent story. Also, the slight campiness doesn't work because she doesn't have the charisma to do camp. She should be doing songs more like My Way, one of her earlier songs (I think it was before Sweet but Psycho) because that song while basic is actually a club anthem for everyone. That Salt song that she has is also a mess, how you gonna go from an interesting verses and pre-chorus to THAT? Torn slays a bit. I don't really care about Kings & Queens because she didn't understand how to make a proper regal concept. The part that looked like Gaga's G.U.Y. in the video was nice though.
  8. Tama here

    So, I just listened to the leaked Diddy-featured version of Smile and I have to say that I like it more than the released solo version. However, isn't this song basically California Gurls slowed down? brit14

  9. You will be surprised to see it on platforms such as YouTube or other kinds of forum. Britney stans love to do the most when it comes to the Madonna comparison.
  10. Tama here

    I can't wait for that new Katy Perry album. I know that there won't be another Never Really Over and half of it will be eenspeerashunal ballads but it's alright.

    1. Royalty

      Is "eenspeerashunal" even a word? rip4 

    2. Tama

      @Royalty Yes babe, it is "inspirational" but in my own special lexicon.

  11. Tama here

    Afrodisiac by Brandy. That's it, that's the status update. antm1

  12. Ikr. Not everybody here have the ears to listen to quality music though, so I can understand.
  13. A lot of YouTube gays who stan ha thought so, babe. The audacity. It's alright, nobody's [mind] perfect. You got to work it, again and again til' you get it right~
  14. A couple years ago (2016), IconNey released her most recent effort to gain another comeback in the 2010s, an album titled "Glory" that got its title from one of her sons. Ever since that release, I have seen multiple fans who referred to the album as her take on a "Ray of Light"-esque comeback. My question is, why? How could they be so confident and deluded to think so? Why did (and do) they think Glowstick is on par with God of Light? Were they simply caught up in the hype? Do they have the intelligence to notice the stark differences of Gloomy vs. Ray of Might? If anything, it's way more comparable to Bedtime Lullabies than Ray of God. But what do you think of Globular? Tell me, babes. Tell me your truths ancient-city-style!