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  1. You know what. I like Sweetener actually. I know I keep switching but... hey. Anyway blazed and the light is coming can choke though. The transition from raindrops to blazed is still so bizarre while the light is coming has Minaj. No.

  2. You know what? Witness could have been a much tighter album if Katy had just kept around 10 songs for the standard version. Something like this:

    1. Witness

    2. Swish Swish or Roulette

    3. Deja Vu

    4. Power

    5. Mind Maze

    6. Miss You More

    7. Chained to the Rhythm

    8. Tsunami

    9. Pendulum or Save as Draft

    10. Into Me You See or Pendulum

    That would've ate a bit. Hey Hey Hey is tragic, Bon Appetit is fun but not fitting the "purposeful pop" aim especially when it features Migos, others are deluxe material at best and should've been left unreleased at worst. I mean, what was Bigger Than Me even about? The Hilary Clinton loss situation? Wasn't that Rise, though?

    1. Chris


      with your list of songs, i think id arrange them like this (you also put Pendulum twice)

      plus im gonna add Rise and Method to My Madness

      1. Witness
      2. Swish Swish
      3. Deja Vu
      4. Power
      5. Mind Maze
      6. Miss You More
      7. Chained to the Rhythm
      8. Tsunami
      9. Pendulum
      10. Method to My Madness
      11. Roulette
      12. Into Me You See
      13. Save as Draft
      14. Rise
    2. Tama


      I put Pendulum twice because I meant that if Pendulum was track 9 then Into Me You See was track 10. If Into Me You See was nowhere on the tracklist then Pendulum must closed the album while Save As Draft filled track 9.

  3. Illusion by Dua Lipa is a fine song although it borrows a bit more elements than necessary from Hallucinate. Interestingly, it makes an admirable effort to evolve from the latter's initial hazy-eyed sickly in love lyrical content into that of realization about how men ain't shit sometimes. Another thing to note, does that breakdown remind you of something? Cuz it totally sounds like La Perry's own instrumental breakdown from her song International Smile. Relevant queen!

    1. Chris


      Training Season > Illusuon > Houdini.

      also the Extended versions so far all outsold (Club) Future Nostalgia


  5. Does anyone hear the similarities between The Cardigans' Lovefool and Lady Gaga's Summerboy? I just noticed.

  6. It's 12:10 AM where I'm at. Therefore, Happy New Year everyone! 🎊 🎉

  7. Reading reviews of Mariah's albums from the '90s is so funny. Most of them are basically just "hey, she sings so well it can't be real, therefore she must be a terrible singer actually." Like, what kind of professional criticism is that?

  8. Atrl is still hell on Earth.

    1. Chris


      Yes but it's often hilarious to read the stupidity there lol

  9. I don't know why I find myself listening to Artpop right now, but I am. The second half is where it gets truly helpless. As the composition is mostly fine if not a little too top 40 of 2013-sounding (although I'm not sure if top 40 songs back in 2013 actually sound like that) while the production just feels like copy paste of each other. It's so different to the bulk of production of the first half which was quite pristine. I mean, her 'artpop' did mean anything. Just a shame that it includes redundancy.

    1. Chris


      im still upset Interscope didnt go with the double album idea she had for itohl dsiBkug 

  10. It's 2023 and Adorn by Miguel is still one of the greatest songs I've ever heard.

  11. Elon Musk is a prick.

  12. Editing a blog entry that no one even reads. What a way to live my life.

    1. Chris


      Thats me and my CD collection lmao

  13. Kylie's Tension sounds like a club remix of a different sounding original song. It's good, but again sounds like a remix.

  14. Listening to music feels not so fun now. Maybe it'll pass, but I don't like this feeling.

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      It's because of lack of new songs. Try explore new genres and it'll be so much better

  15. My brother is studying in different province. The same province I had studied in years ago. I hope he'll have better future than me.

  16. You know what? I'm being too bitter. If Padam Padam works for any of you, good. It just won't ever work with me, and I think that's ok. jj1

  17. What I really don't like about Padam Padam is the fact that it sounds like a very reductive spin on Can't Get You Out of My Head. Which is ridiculous because the latter is the far simpler song!

  18. Life is very puzzling. One second you're feeling the highest peak of your life, the next you're left confused how the hell did you end up on the floor sobbing like a  5 year old again. tina1

  19. I know that music reception is completely subjective, but one must be questioned thoroughly whether they're on their right mind or not if they happen to like Born Pink than Renaissance.

    1. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      Renaissance is unlistenable

  20. Does that make me a snack? Did I eat?! Are there any crumbs left - ellie1

  21. I hate homophobia and transphobia. I hate them so much. We really can't live peacefully with the heteros.

  22. “It's bad.”

    “What is?”

    “My life!”

    “What happened?”




    A conversation inside my skull.

    1. LuranusLur


      Maybe someday!!

  23. I've never had sex. Want to but not know what to do or why should. I wonder what difference does it make. To have to desire for another person in ways that could only hurt.



    A prude (but not really!)

    1. Sabrin


      Are you asexual?

    2. Tama


      No. Just a virgin.

  24. Honest thoughts only, do we think that Mariah will eventually re-release the Chick album with or without Millie Bobby Brown? At this point, I think she won't.

    1. Chris


      The hype died year(s) ago 😭

  25. What's the perfect length of an album for most of you? To me, I think 10-track, around 40 minutes max, is actually the perfect one. I know that there are many albums that go beyond that length and are great albums, but I feel that a 10-track is how it should be done. Not everyone can actually serve consistency, coherence, and cohesion in quality of music. A lot of artists were really pushing it when they could have taken plenty of songs and marinate them for a different album or, even, an EP!