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  1. There's an objective side of singing though. And Gaga is better at it than Ari. And Gaga has always been a vocalist. And yeah she's not as good as the others in this list, but she's still the best mainstream vocalist of the 2010s.
  2. Gaga is objectively a better vocalist than Ariana. Just because Gaga doesn't hit notes as high as Ari doesn't make her an inferior vocalist.
  3. Xtina is a terrible vocalist that's why her voice lowered over the years she damaged it from all the straining. Beyoncé on the other hand is excellent
  4. Lady Gaga is a better vocalist than Ari
  5. Circles isn't one of them? Also isn't another one of Katy's songs eligible for diamond by now?
  6. It's going to be a single in France
  7. Alice, Plastic Doll, Enigma, and 1000 Doves could also be chosen imo
  8. DWTD debuts at #56 on the Hot 100 this week! https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100/2021-04-17?rank=56
  9. The official lead single was Daisies, which is a mature song
  10. Ok that's just one country. And she sung the whole song, it's not like she just sung a small part.
  11. The major music markets are the US, Japan, Germany, the UK, and France. Australia is not a major music market. And I said Sorry not Sorry was a smash hit; you only asked me about the megahits and moderate hits.
  12. Échame la Culpa and Solo are the megahits and the 13 moderate ones are We Rock, Send it On, Here We Go Again, Let it Go, Neon Lights, Really Don't Care, Cool For the Summer, Confident, Anyone, I Love Me, I'm Ready, OK not to Be OK, and No Promises Échame la Culpa and Solo were smashes everywhere except the US
  13. Demi has 2 megahits, 5 smash hits, and 13 moderate hits
  14. It was actually after Solo in 2018
  15. She did wait years to tell it. She overdosed in 2018. You're disgusting.
  16. I mean the era isn't technically over until the tour is over