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  1. Oh ok lol sorry you should have said so
  2. What are you trying to prove here? You're just proving my point. According to this data Animal did go #1 in the countries I listed and made multiple year end and even decade end lists where Rainbow only made one year end list. Animal was much bigger than Rainbow and therefore Kesha has yet to match the commercial success of her debut album, let alone surpass it.
  3. It did in the US (and Canada and Greece)
  4. The title says surpassed, not just matched no shade tho
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    Also do Broadway songs count?
  6. OP @Winnie x Ava Max did you mean their debut eras or just their debut albums?
  7. It was their sophomore albums that they never topped commercially
  8. Kesha, Meghan Trainor, Lana del Rey, Tove Lo
  9. Seeing as the tweets are from before Demi and Max started dating, their split is just another tragic outcome of toxic cancel culture. On the other hand, Demi and Max definitely shouldn't have gotten engaged after five months of being in a relationship.
  10. What's your fav subgenre of pop? Mine would be pop&b or Latin pop. Anything I can groove to. If you don't know all the main subgenres, here they are:
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    It's weird cause I've literally only heard 7 Rings and BUWYG,IB on the radio once each so I'm not really sick of her
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    Kesha claims to have the hottest stans but idk
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    You people can be so rude. Don't expand your music taste and don't listen to the LGBT ICON that is Kim Petras.
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    This. I'm a KatyCat but Daisies had to be one of the most promoted and performed singles of the year so far This too. One of the least strategic ways to release music is one single at a time as it totally killed hype for the album
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    I've only listened to one of her albums but she can SANG. At least in the studio. Her upper belts are so powerful and clear. Listen to Do Me
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    This means she's now the first act to have at least one mv from each of her first four eras reach 1B views!
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    Glory Days was great tho OT: Excited for the album but I would've liked the cover to have, idk, confetti?
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    After one month wow
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    Me, Myself, and Time is still one of Demi's best songs