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  1. MadLove.

    Some of her singles after CttR were smashes in other countries tho
  2. MadLove.


    Is anyone else as pissed off at this idiot as much as I am? Talking about Scooter btw, but Demi kinda is too for listening to him
  3. MadLove.


    Predicted to fall 50 spots next week after 5 performances including GMA and the Idol finale, and like a dozen interviews 💀💀💀
  4. MadLove.

    she's an albums artist
  5. MadLove.


    Katy hinted that this is true in her Ryan Seacrest interview! At 4:05
  6. y'all lied abt the release date
  7. a bop if you ask me
  8. Shall we add it to the list of this generation's perfect pop songs? It would make Katy the first one with two
  9. You people doubt her live singing ability Plus if she did lip it she wouldn't have dodged most of the high notes
  10. MadLove.

    I'll always be here for Stef 💗 I disagree. Although the pink and gray don't really go together, the Chromatica photoshoot is one of the best I've ever seen Can't wait for Rain on Me and the rest of Chromatica!