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  1. This is what artists do for their debut album while they're breaking out
  2. I wonder what took them so long to release the video
  3. I thought it was cause they didn't have a hit to support the album so they made more time to get a hit
  4. Musically Beyoncé has been very overrated for quite a while now. But is that Tones and I over there?
  5. She spilled (except for the part about singing about depression being bad)
  6. It's actually hilarious to see people so fake mad about things
  7. There were only two unlistenable songs on the album. Heaven and Help Me. The rest were listenable, especially the ballads
  8. 29 isn't even one of the best songs on the album
  9. You have to ease the straights into lgbt+ visibility. Lesbians are the most accepted members of the community so it was the safest way to include queer people in the show. op: Good Luck Charlie also had a lesbian couple in it. Also iCarly had a gay couple but it wasn't explicit (the petographers)