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  1. It's interesting, I got this thread idea from a tweet and all the replies were the same five main pop girls
  2. I'll start: Demi Lovato Kesha Katy Perry JoJo Fifth Harmony in that order
  3. Can you name a song that has a title that's not a lyric to the song? I'll start: The Harold Song by Kesha
  4. No the label has to pay for each platinum level certification and the album is eligible for at least diamond and they only paid for 9x plat
  5. They really couldn't just pay for one more certification?
  6. I really doubt there aren't enough good songs for the album. Kim has a great track record
  7. They call her the music industry because of her album sales, career longevity, and her impact on the music business (she made Spotify actually pay their artists), not her influence. Why would they call her the music industry for her influence
  8. You mean she hasn't had a megahit since lwymmd? ot: No, but that's not really expected. Gaga had one of the biggest peaks in music history and I really don't think she's going to match that in her late thirties