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  1. If Normani was a Pokémon what Pokémon would she be

  2. They say Selena Gomez has no impact but she started the whisper singing trend

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    2. Lukas


      she didn't start a whisper singing trend she just can't serve vocals so she calls that singing jj2 

  3. You'll never guess what I just found out. None of the members of The Scene in Selena Gomez & the Scene actually played on any of "their" albums. If you look on the personnel of any of their albums, you won't see a single band member in it. They just got session musicians to play on them.

    1. Chris


      They were never an actual band - but she didn't want it to be a solo act so she added The Scene

    2. Kristina


      Wtf? So what did they do? Did they actually play the music at their concerts or were they just faking it? Why did they agree to be in a band and not play on any of their albums if they are real musicians? dead2 

  4. The way I'm part of the Honest Vocal Coach singing teacher Facebook group

  5. The irony of the title



    1. Kylie


      I hate Gen Z so much

    2. Princess Aurora
    3. Chris


      this -> ari7 but in full scale

  7. Demi randomly smashing in Barbados


  8. My deliver challenge 😬


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    2. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      @Sabrin I just know this is you rn


    3. Sabrin


      Hey but at least you're hot brit16

    4. Slayty Perry
  9. It's funny how no matter what language or genre an artist starts in the bigger they get the closer they get to doing English pop music lol (eg. Taylor Swift, Anitta, BlackPink)

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    2. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      @Kyoteki I said languages too and as I said in the replies they went from just K-pop to making songs fully in English and collabbing with American artists

    3. Chris


      Pop is Pop mad5 

    4. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      @Chris yeah the genre may be the same but the language is different what is so hard to understand about that


    1. Chris


      i LOVE me some Joanna cry4 

  11. Miss Gabby getting the Billboard Women in Music Woman of the Year Award, we won


  12. Click to see the full picture


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    2. Madonna


      Demi is also gonna loose ____ shit when they decide to be something or someone else again after this new image flops.

    3. i wish you were gay

      i wish you were gay

      I thought they were too busy sending their 32 solid unhinged loovatics to destroy that poor froyo shop? 


      I mean, they do like sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.



    4. Slayty Perry
  14. We never voted for our fav songs of 2021