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  1. Lol she just sampled it, I don't think the original has the lyrics "kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky"
  2. The guitars in the chorus were too noisy and the adlibs she did sounded off key even though they technically weren't. You also can't hear the falsettos. She should've just done the adlibs she did live
  3. I think this is gonna be an original But the Barbie movie is coming out soon so maybe they're capitalizing on that
  4. No one told her the ol' "Albums are never finished, they're abandoned". Also her hair is giving Tina Turner
  5. Emili Sande is a one hit wonder, SZA has no star power, recognizable hits, nor upbeat music, and no one wants old Dolly Parton OT: Taylor, Ari, Justin Bieber, Nicki, Xtina, P!nk, Miley, Kelly Clarkson (with a couple of guests), or Ed Sheeran could do it. I think Ari should do it.
  6. When someone says Hayley we assume it's Hayley Williams Well yeah it's America. Taylor is white. Don't be prejudiced
  7. Bey should tour in her biggest markets: Africa, The Carribean, and Brazil
  8. I mean Ocean Eyes isn't the most exciting song but Katy could probably still get a collab with Billie today. And a lot of other artists. But she ain't ready for that conversation
  9. What are you talking about, this is just like Icy. And just as good, if not better