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  1. I LOVE that song! Doesn’t it sound a bit like a Girls Aloud throwback? It was also written by the legendary Priscilla Renea. Also, the cow metaphor… I think it’s definitely clever!
  2. So much love to Kesha, no one’s been a bigger Britney stan in the industry than her. Streaming Rainbow now.
  3. I mean this is literally like a financial incentive for him to stayed married to her longer. But let’s say he’s ready to dip at 4 years but stays the 5th for that bonus check. idk it just seems a little…
  4. I thought it would be out soon, by end of this year is sooner than I imagined, she’s been writing all year, imagine just the full edited instagram stories in a book. Who isn’t going to want to read this? Omg
  5. Is there a thread for the platinum blonde edition? I need to rant about how the cover is the complete same except for the font. Also no new tracks… anyway… she really said “best I can do is the font.”
  6. First of all, Britney is my favorite Britney album. Second, Britney Jean is my least favorite Britney album. I would rename Britney Let Me Be, after the phenomenal album track and similar to the “let me go and just listen” line from IAS4U intro. That said, Let Me Go would also be a great album title. Reminds me of this masterpiece. Britney Jean, well, I’m sorry but as a Britney stan the name alone is one of my pet peeves when she’s literally not singing maybe a quarter or more of the lines. It’s gotten her dragged and I don’t see or hear any
  7. I actually assumed she was the first to reach that milestone until I looked back at the OP. Feels good to be wrong.
  8. Tier 1 (the OGs) Destiny’s Child TLC Spice Girls Tier 2 Girls Aloud Tier 3 (Girls Aloud cover bands) Sugababes, The Saturdays, Little Mix Tier 4 pcd Tier 5 (pcd cover bands) Girlicious, G.R.L., Fifth Harmony
  9. Oh my god I love how it’s Circus, reclaiming the narrative that her industry debut early days was her peak when she peaked more than 5 years in and repeaked in every way professionally, critically, and commercially with Circus and Femme Fatale. Also signaling her second major comeback.
  10. I am so happy for Britney and Sam I know they have wanted this for a long time and I just have to wish congratulations to them on the beginning of this new chapter in their life. I wish them a happy healthy safe pregnancy and a beautiful life together with their new bundle of joy!!!
  11. The way this guy continues to publicly support the last president after the attempted insurrection after his own little presidential campaign to split the vote makes his music not worth it for me. He’s no Asian Doll.
  12. I listened to 4 WAY more than the first one to do so back in 2011 and I owned BOTH of them. when (if) will BTW ever get there?