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  1. Seska

    Ever listened to an album that just left a shitty taste in your mouth? And the artist also sounded like a complete asshole when they were singing? Even the songs that are supposed to be soulful? I'll list a few: Selena Gomez's entire discography, Katy Perry Witness, Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rodwell, Lady Gaga - Chromatica (probably the biggest asshole album of 2020 so far. It has dark energy.)
  2. Seska

    Probably in the last few years in general.
  3. Seska

    Dont feel bad for me. I'm listening to superior albums like Future Nostalgia.
  4. Seska

    Chromatica is only 2 months old and already aged faster than Gaga's skin.
  5. Seska

    Lets be honest, Folklore demolishes Chromatica quality wise. Both are sonically very different albums but Taylor Swift actually grew up and her album is more soulful and mature. Chromatica is an album for popper sniffing coke fiend flat butt white gays who have trash taste in music. If you want to listen to REAL 90s house music PM me and I'll curate a playlist for you.
  6. Seska

    This. Its actually shocking how terrible the album is. Usually there's about 4-5 songs I enjoy from each gaga album but the only song I use from Chromatica is Rain On Me and thats because Ariana MAKES the song The fact that Chromatica is going to get overshadowed by so many albums this year.
  7. Seska

    What a hottie. Ugly shirt though.
  8. I just heard the album and.....YIKES! This is her worst album. The songs are just trash. They aren't even fun to bop to like Dua's Future Nostalgia. ROM is the only good song from that disastrous album. Fun Tonight is cute but her yelling is grating. Alice could have been a great pop song had someone else produced it.
  9. Seska

    This. Ariana is the only reason why people enjoy ROM. Her verses >>> the rest of the song
  10. Seska

    Gaga cant get a hit single without adding other people to the song (Bradley, Ariana, BLACKPINK). You Gaga fans are so brave acting like Gaga is a legend like Madonna or Mariah Carey. She will never reach their career heights. Beyonce and Rihanna will be honorable legends.
  11. Seska


    The album is terrible. Rain On Me is the only good song.
  12. Seska

    We know. That's the beauty and magic of white privilege unfortunately. Mediocre people like Lana Del Rey can have success and yet still be ungrateful for not getting a #1. White Privilege. White Blindness. White Reality.
  13. After exposing her true colors do you think she has ties with the KKK? She does glamorous the lifestyle that has a subtle root with the KKK. She seems to love men who are Republican, racist, sexist and older age.
  14. Yeah but her son was tied onto a bed naked. It's suspect. She needs to make a statement. Maybe this is some crazy redneck shit that I'm not aware of but its just very bizarre to me.
  15. Someone posted the picture on another forum and guys...its real. It was fucking disturbing. Her son was tied to a bed. I'm disappointed in Hilary. She was one of the last few unproblematic. white disney queens but like Lana, Gaga, Katy, SLayter, etc they always show their entire ass.