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  1. Dua, Gaga, Ari and Doja slayed!! whew! as for songs, Break My Heart, Say So, Rain On Me, Dynamite, Dont Start Now SLAYED!>>>>>>>>>>> and for albums, Future Nostalgia >>>>>>>>>> all the others listed! I'm SAD to not see ChromatiGod here tho
  2. 10 #JusticeForBionic ALWAYS! BIONIC IS EVERYTHING!
  3. The instrumental and the voice here sound great. But this is obviously a demo, but I think it'd be better if it were more polished. But nice rough version, I'd love if the final version will leak.
  4. Till it happens to you vs Brown Eyes
  5. I think Because it just wasn't a hit (it deserves better imo). But I would've liked to see it appear on KGB tho.
  6. Fly Away, but this was HARD to choose