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  1. Heavy Metal lover vs So Happy I Could Die
  2. I've Got That Boom Boom vs And Then We Kiss
  4. Well, the snippet sounds good tho
  5. Hawaii is such a great place for a MV 🤩🤩
  6. Mario

    Artist Randomdonna

    100% AGREE!!! I thought literally the same thing. the version used for Everybody was FIRE!! Literally WOW!!! the version used for LIB was also amazing. i think she should've kept both. the last act of the Confessions Tour (the Disco Club section) should've been like this imo: Music Inferno Keep The Trance (it could've been work as a Confessions Tour promo single) Holiday La Isla Bonita Erotica EVERYBODY (YES, DEFINITELY! This version is really the best!) Lucky Star Hung Up about your setlist changed... it's pretty nice
  7. Mario

    Artist Randomdonna

    but i'm still mad Everybody was replaced with La Isla Bonita. it was a mistake! Literally the best version of Everybody ever created got ditched? Holiday should've been performed too. YES! Vogue could've worked on the Equestrian section, between LAV and Jump! Deeper & Deeper was replaced with Erotica (and she made the right choice).
  8. Mario

    Artist Randomdonna

    Random: Do you think it was a mistake not performing Holiday on Confessions Tour? This version sounds AWESOME! @SeekingThrill @Madonna @Shego what do you think? i think it should've been performed on CT (same thing for Everybody too)!
  9. i love Mimi and Janet, but JJ isn't on the list
  10. both AMAZING WOW!!! Get Back vs I've Got That Boom Boom
  11. as it should! Bye Bye is so underrated! But it's great and i'm glad it's getting the recognition it deserves
  12. Rude Boy. I love check on it too tho, but i go with Rude Boy
  13. No! She said it best! GODNEY is QUEEN! As she should!