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  1. Is it just the 3 channels or are there more hidden?
  2. Thanks for the welcome. idk that I agree with the charts thing. She’s making mainstream pop music again for a reason, regardless of what she says. Can I get an invite to the discord? I’ve been a fan since the pre tik tok MySpace days 😫 I also think my boyfriend is over me talking about Kesha.
  3. Hey everyone! I’ve been silently watching everyone’s posts for months and decided to create an account because I have a lot of feelings about this era. I know that Kesha and her team have worked hard on the videos, but otherwise, they’ve been lazy. The merch is basic, the covers are basic, she’s not promoting the music well enough. She picked the wrong singles. Rainbow’s success didn’t meet her expectations, even though it did fairly well. I think she thought if she went back to a pure pop sound, she’d get back on top just because. Raising Hell is great, but it’s a grower and mains