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  1. Alexx


    omg I would love one if you still have one?
  2. A flawless album to kick off a legendary career, happy birthday legend! This will always be one of my top 3 MC albums tbh! Her vocals especially, she really went OFF here!
  3. Alexx


    Needy always was and still is the best song on tu,n! The nerve to single out this masterpiece... tryna get a hold of my emotions
  4. Alexx


    Fantasy vs. Honey Underneath the Stars vs. Butterfly One Sweet Day vs. My All Open Arms vs. The Roof Always Be My Baby vs. Fourth of July I Am Free vs. Breakdown When I Saw You vs. Babydoll Long Ago vs. Close My Eyes Melt Away vs. Whenever You Call Forever vs. Fly Away Daydream Interlude vs. The Beautiful Ones Looking In vs. Outside 5 - 7 Two masterpieces yup!
  5. Alexx


    That's a funny way of spelling Enchanted!
  6. Alexx


    Speak Now deserves #0 but anyways! This ranking is kind of a serve! 1989 got what it deserves
  7. FINALLY! I'm so perched to finally be able to stream this in full ugh
  8. Alexx


    These flawless scores!
  9. Alexx


    the definition of saving the best till last
  10. Alexx


    OF COURSE There are people who aren't get well soon stans? Must be hard omg
  11. Alexx


    get well soon literally the best song of her career but we'll take it
  12. Alexx


    The best song to ever be written, played, recorded, produced, composed, released etc has arrived!
  13. Alexx


    we all know that's who she was REALLY singing about
  14. Alexx


    The outro the best part of the whole song... ethereal