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  1. 1. Sweetener (This is #1 for get well soon alone but with the other tracks? whew a masterpiece! The singles for the album were impeccable, with 3 of the best songs of her entire career. Sweetener seems to be really divisive and I guess I can see why? For me, even the tracks that are considered the lower end of the album are still a ton of fun and sound great. Sure, borderline and TLIC don't really hold a candle to some of her other work but I wouldn't consider them bad by any means! This is my most played album of all time and I can see it staying that way. I constantly go back to this album,
  2. 1. Levitating 2. Love Again 3. Physical 4. Hallucinate 5. Break My Heart 6. Don't Start Now 7. Future Nostalgia 8. Pretty Please 9. Cool 10. Boys Will Be Boys 11. Good In Bed PERIOD
  3. She really did that with this album huh I can't even pick my favourites, it's all so good Levitate is an obvious serve though
  4. The way we have to wait until April for this serve... she knew she was snapping too hard already
  5. So is that going to be her done performing 7 rings all the time? Please i've had enough ma
  6. Maybe I will! Then I can stalk after being the first one evicted
  7. Here for this! Can't wait to stalk this all season, good luck bbs
  8. YES She’s coming with the 3rd bop of the era
  9. I was just listening to it again last night omg our minds
  10. Best song on Witness did that!