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  1. I mean the video was wayyyy ahead of it’s time... 2 bottoms are out during a time where they should be self quarantined at home, miss corona don’t play... They get invited to a VIP party by a gay rooster One bitch feels brave and follows the gay rooster to the party where they are met with a group of bitches, while the other (smart bitch) watches from a distance.. The dumb bitch unknowingly hangs out with a bunch of bitches that all just came from their world tour where they stopped in Iran, China, Italy, and the UK. Aka they most likely aren't clear. They kiss ha, touch ha hand, breathe in ha face, etc transmitting the corona virus to ha... Then they reveal themselves to be government virus control operatives that deliberately infect people to add more numbers to the death toll. The bitches then put the dumb bitch in quarantine and she dies in quarantine due to complications .. The other gorl mourns the loss of ha friend and thanks God that she received an actual working brain unlike her deceased friend... She knows now that ha friend is now merely a statistic, one of the many thousands that were victim to this CUNTVAG-19 virus.. may they all RIP... moral of the story... #stayhomebitches
  2. Well as the bitch herself would say.. plastic surgery... the great equelizer!
  3. I mean I expected ppl to go in on Madge’s new face but didnt expect ha to be dragged this hard.
  4. This is actually horrible news. Not about Harvey specifically. The poor inmates are exposed to this virus. It’s hard to imagine how that must feel....
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    Im so glad yall are closed. Stay safe queen.