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  1. The Scream Franchise are me favorites movies ever, I am thrilled about it, I remember when we got the news that there were talks about this and now we're 6 months away from seeing it in the movie theatre!!
  2. One whole year ... she is missed by so many, RIP Naya ♥
  3. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS you have no idea!!! cannot wait for the trailer / first teaser @Ghostface
  4. Scream 5 / Scream (2022) has been completed and is ready to be released into theaters. The movie will be released on January 14, 2022.
  5. oh well that's interesting, but who's ahmed?
  6. 1) thank u, next 2) Dangerous Woman 3) Sweetener 4) Positions 5) My Everything 6) Yours Truly
  7. tell me whats your motive AS IT SHOULD, period
  8. Dua Lipa deserves AOTY and ROTY tbh
  9. Lady Gaga & Ariana WINNING. We know they deserve
  10. After listening multiple times to the EP, I only dislike "Mood", it still sounds dope, but not for me. All the other songs ARE BOPSSSS! YES MISS RITAA!