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  1. Dua Lipa deserves AOTY and ROTY tbh
  2. Lady Gaga & Ariana WINNING. We know they deserve
  3. After listening multiple times to the EP, I only dislike "Mood", it still sounds dope, but not for me. All the other songs ARE BOPSSSS! YES MISS RITAA!
  4. I like Big, Bang Bang & The One, but Mood is a total mess
  5. 1. Big (feat. Gunna & David Guetta) 2. Bang Bang 3. Mood (feat. KEHA) 4. The One So, what do we think?
  6. wow, I really like the song and I can relate to it, good her fer!
  7. Only Bruno Mars tbh, I couldn't be bothered with Ed
  8. I hope so, going to the movies with friends is way more fun. They should divorce in the 5th one, it's weird how their characters reflected on real life