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  1. wow, I really like the song and I can relate to it, good her fer!
  2. Only Bruno Mars tbh, I couldn't be bothered with Ed
  3. what Zayn does is more annoying tbh
  4. Physical


    nvm skskks
  5. Physical


  6. Physical


    I was working, I missed this smh
  7. I hope so, going to the movies with friends is way more fun. They should divorce in the 5th one, it's weird how their characters reflected on real life
  8. Ugh, I want to watch Scream 5 in the movie theatre too, but I think I will have no one to go with ;(
  9. Imagine the kids and coming face to face with Ghostface, I can NOT handle that
  10. Dewey and Sidney's father were the only ones who knew where Sidney lived at that time... Would be cool if they brought back Sidney's dad in the story
  11. Physical

    Will there be a new season anytime soon?
  12. i know right, Miss Grande did that
  13. So, I was thinking; What if Sidney's dad returns for the 5th movie (what happened to him tbh, since we didn't saw him in the fourth one) and what if he gets killed off in the opening scene or later in the movie which makes Sidney return to Woodsboro? Would be a great way for an opening kill imo.
  14. Clouds (Disney+) and I Know What You Did Last Summer