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  1. They're intrinsically connected because of racism: https://blackboybulletin.com/2020/05/02/this-is-why-saving-pop-music-is-an-anti-black-sentiment/ Pop music does not need to be saved and it has never needed to be saved. This was a phrase created to uplift pop stars and subgenres that the general public had moved on from, not to actually support the multitude of pop artists killing the game right now. The idea of “saving pop music” is exclusive to white female pop stars and the phrase is routinely weaponized against Black artists and Black music genres. It can be
  2. You have taste sis. and your avi...lemme ride that pony!
  3. This is my first time on here. I'm more used to ATRL before their site update. They're the China of forums though - no free speech and sheeple culture. I haven't used forums like this in years, so I know not what you speak when you refer to Galactic tiger. Stan culture is pretty passe, but I have more time to goof off during quarantine.
  4. She is though. She's manufactured for the Hot Topic crowd of gender queer person no. #0434847262. She isn't sexy at all but she isn't the first artists to use that in her branding. I'd say Gaga was the first to rip that stereotype of the sexy pop star (as she is not sexy either). Then Lorde reinforced it with Royals. Adele helped stop fat shaming of pop artists. Ariana brought sexyback to pop, so there naturally had to be a polar force to oppose all that sexiness as there has always been. Pink was that for Britney Spears. Gaga was that for Katy Perry.
  5. That's cute, but scrap metal from an old white male institution doesn't mean much. Her fate may very well be like Christopher Cross:
  6. This. I meant her twentieth No. 1. Who else is on her level?
  7. I don’t think she’s setting any trends that haven’t happened before. Her trend setting isn’t on the level of Gaga’s meat dress. Mind you - and I don’t even like Stefani- Gaga actually set global trends and help catalyze gay acceptance and gay rights. Billie also has a shorter life because you’re right - she isn’t malleable like pop perfection. She’ll never be able to provide sexy when it’s called for. She won’t be able escape the Hot Topic girl image people associate with her. And eventually gimmicks wear off. I just see Billie as another Lorde. She has a 1-week #1 hit. That’s not ve
  8. That was just ridiculous. The only Beck album worthy of that was Odelay. They clearly didn’t want to give it to Beyoncé so they have it to a straight white male with indie cred.
  9. Oh then. commercially, I think she has peaked and is done. gimmick artists have shorter shelf lives. Creatively, she has not.
  10. He never paid the price for his actions
  11. Artists can fade before they peak. Fiona Apple was at height of fame with Criminal in the 90s but peaked with Fetch the Bolt Cutters
  12. Is she going the same route à la Christopher Cross? They both won the big 4 Grammys.