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  1. THE 1975: NOTES ON A CONDITIONAL FORM TOUR The purpose of this tour, to me, was to showcase Notes, since it is so different to their other albums. So, there is one section in the show allocated to "hits", which is somewhat interchangeable, but I have drafted what songs would typically be played. Introduction: "Shiny Collarbone" 1. "What Should I Say" 2. "Bagsy Not in Net" 3. "Yeah I Know" 4. "Then Beacause She Goes" Interlude: "Streaming" 5. "The Birthday Party" 6. "Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America" 7. "Don't Worry" 8. "Nothing R
  2. THE CHROMATICA BALL Act 1 Chromatica I Alice Poker Face Act 2 Interlude Stupid Love (+ Warehouse Remix outro) Bad Romance Heavy Metal Lover Enigma Just Dance Act 3 Interlude Replay Alejandro Act 4 Chromatica II 911 Plastic Doll Bad Romance Free Woman Venus Act 5 Interlude Sour Candy Dance in the Dark Act 6 Chromatica III Sine from Above The Edge of Glory Fun Tonight 1000 Doves Act 7
  3. Enigma: Post-Chromatica Edition! If Enigma returns later this year or next, this is what I imagine it to be like: Introduction 1. Just Dance 2. Poker Face 3. Enigma Interlude Chromatica I 4. Alice 5. Dance in the Dark 6. Free Woman 7. Applause 8. Stupid Love Interlude Chromatica II 9. 911 10. Scheisse 11. LoveGame 12. G.U.Y. Interlude Chromatica III 13. Sine from Above 14. The Edge of Gloey 15. Alejandro 16. Born This Way Interlude 17. Heavy Metal Lover
  4. BEYONCE: HOMECOMING II If Beyonce was to embark on a small stadium tour to create hype for B7 - the show is just over two hours and the songs are shortened and flow into each other, much like Homecoming. Also, I may refer to Homecoming as "HC" throughout Section 1 Crazy in Love (performed a la HC, but extended) Green Light (opens with extended band break, similar to TBE, shortened main body) Naughty Girl meets Freakum Dress Brown Skin Girl Freedom (with the Kendrick verse replaced by a verse from Nile) Section 2 Drunk in Love (identica