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    Marry the Night vs. Alice Born This Way vs. Stupid Love Government Hooker vs. Rain on Me Judas vs. Free Woman Americano vs. Fun Tonight Hair vs. 911 Scheiße vs. Plastic Doll Bloody Mary vs. Sour Candy Bad Kids vs. Enigma Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) vs. Replay Heavy Metal Lover vs. Sine From Above Electric Chapel vs. 1000 Doves You and I vs. Babylon The Edge of Glory vs. Babylon (Haus Labs Version)
  2. Both the studio and acoustic version is underrated. Neither do I understand the hate for the song.
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    She looks so hot with glasses on!
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    Tagged “Event”
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    Beautiful Era Beautiful Acting
  6. Effortless beauty.
  7. I lowkey like this suburban mom look on her.
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    7 Rings Rain On Me thank u, next Stuck With U