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  1. Strut it out Walk a mile Serve it ancient city style Talk it out Babble on Battle for your life Babylon
  2. My name isn't Alice. But I'll keep looking for wonderland.
  3. melomelo

    Artist Randomdonna

    Listening to Madame X for the first time. Wish me luck.
  4. britney stans we can take down madonna and her crumbling dusty fans @Kristina together!
  5. Hung Up... bitch that song can be played on a loop for 100 years and I'd still run to it like it's the first mile in the race. Let me go find it on Amazon music. Stuart Price really did that. Bad Romance goes too hard to listen to over and over again. And I'm a Gaga stan.
  6. <3

    1. harry


      Hey boo happy hump day! gaga11

    2. melomelo


      thank you. right back at ya. :)

      love seeing your posts. :)

  7. i'd rather be dry but at least i'm a slut. RAIN. ON. ME.
  8. i pledge to always upvote the gaga stan <3
  9. you are pure evil and i LOVE it. i laughed too hard at this.
  10. Alice maestro play me your symphony i will listen to ANYTHING!!
  11. dinkin lincoln saskrit with the band remembering me before we began sometimes i felt so def in the jam but the ones who loved me told me to stop like homegirl couldnt catch shit if it dropped a superwoman chick you know that i am some shit dont fly by me in a man OMG omg this song. summer memories