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  1. StanLeeMusique


    I know the soccer moms and housewives who stan Million Reasons are going to disagree, but John Wayne deserved better. The song and music video were the best things to come out from the Joanne era
  2. StanLeeMusique


    This. I love Xtina but she really needs to stop being lazy. You would think that she would stay active like Monique since they’ve been friends for a long time but she barely dances let alone release new music OT: She definitely deserves to be given more credit for being a diverse singer. For example, she was was one of the first MPGs to collab with Tony Bennett but never got acknowledged by the GP for doing jazz music. Years later we see Tony returns with Lady Gaga and the GP acts like Gaga invented jazz collabs
  3. He was always my least favorite on that show, Jonathan Taylor Thomas -> him
  4. This. Their relationship is so toxic and it’s obvious this mess won’t stop for quite awhile. I’m just hoping the news media stops throwing their personal business at us every chance they get because I just don’t care anymore
  5. Sorry but I feel like they should be thrown out when they smell “old”
  6. StanLeeMusique


    I’m just as shocked as you sis I would’ve thought that BTW had the most streams since Little Monsters always stan hard for that album OT: I love the way some people consider Chromatica a dead era yet she’s still setting records
  7. Same here sis. She was hilarious and basically carried the show all by herself after Charlie Sheen left. Glad to hear she died peacefully with family surrounding her. May this underrated comedic legend RIP
  8. Thanks for posting this! I've been debating on buying the physical CD version because I thought she was just going to give us a cheap lyric booklet with no photos since it's just a compilation album I definitely want to get it now because the photos in the lyric booklet look cute and it seems like they actually put effort into making it I was talking about the one on the right but my research led me to finding several more Tumblr pages dedicated to the smell of books
  9. I just saw a meme that reminded me of you and books but idk how to post it on here since I’m on my phone
  10. StanLeeMusique


    U gotta love the way she always knows what the fans want but instead decides to troll us by doing this or releasing make up
  11. StanLeeMusique


    The same thing happened to me sis OT: I love Instagram but I wish the would stop shoving the “From Facebook” at us because it just reminds me of how they sold out and basically tracking our every move we take on there
  12. I want to thank whoever made this OT: I thought the Camila X Shawn stunt was bad but this PR stunt just keeps getting messier everyday
  13. This. Who are the other artists that released compilation albums this year? OT: She should still be proud of this accomplishment because the album is pure quality
  14. The way I cackled reading your first line Thanks for the summary
  15. Sis play nice. Homeless people deserve a better role and shouldn’t be cast as that irrelevant “female entertainer” who we don’t know OT: I want to know who she thinks is worthy of playing her in a movie