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  1. Gotta love the way she doesn’t keep her foot of Scooter’s neck and keeps winning. Go Taylor
  2. I love how she continues giving to us for #MC30 and has been effortlessly serving flawless vocals/looks just in time to remind me I’m single this Valentine’s Day. Queen of every holiday
  3. I predict she’s going to be a one hit wonder, with the word “hit” being used loosely since this song isn’t anything special and won’t be remembered in the future. I mean it seems we all know that payola is the reason we’re even talking about it I’m just hoping we don’t get another Tori Kelly moment where this basic girl is thrown at us everywhere and we’re forced to hear/see her every day in 2021
  4. We definitely need new Bruno Mars music since it’s been awhile. Ed on the other hand needs to finally disappear because seeing that face of his and watching him try compare himself to Adele got really annoying
  5. I could tell it was over when her lazy ass didn’t even get out of bed to promote those damn Oreos She deserves all the drags and more, especially since she’s keeping this clown as part of her team. “Pop icon mode”? Girl bye
  6. I still can’t believe the GP easily believed this “news” was credible when the rumor was started by the TikTok girl who licked an airplane toilet seat for attention
  7. I feel like she’s more likely to get pregnant again than release a new album. I mean let’s be honest, she has Matt’s fine ass at home while we’re all locked up from COVID and she’s probably more busy getting “inspiration” from him than working on an album
  8. This. It’s not as bad as people make it seem, plus how can you hate Cher
  9. The UK is serving taste and getting into the holiday spirit while the US pays her dust
  10. This explains a lot but I still can’t believe her greedy father and his team allowed that cheap screenshot to be the cover. You would think their greedy asses would want to make the most money possible by delivering something that actually sells but they somehow managed to ruin the entire Glory era
  11. I think they were just being shady but at least JHud can say she was hired to work for the queen of Christmas
  12. I saw a comment online saying that Mariah’s team called Ari as their 1st choice, but she took awhile to respond to them so they decided to call JHud because they knew she didn’t have anything going on. Later on Ari finally responded with a yes and they ended up keeping JHud since Mariah didn’t have the heart to kick her to the curve
  13. She did an amazing job on Mi Reflejo and her pronunciation of Spanish words is definitely way better than any of the Spanish on Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul But anyways, kudos to you for going out of your way to learn a new language and taking your time to listen to Spanish music sis
  14. This. I was thrown off by how soft Ari’s vocals were and hearing JHud randomly come in loud af for those 10 seconds she showed up Overall, I loved the video since it was very cute and hearing that double whistle at the end saved the song by proving the world needs a collab with just Mimi & Ari
  15. The fact that she released those 911 remixes instead of this. She must really hate us
  16. This. Like what’s the point of giving us Oreos and remixes no one asked for
  17. Glad to see Abel is exposing their corruption to the GP. They've been trash and don’t deserve him. Anyways it’s always been Super Bowl halftime -> GRAMMYs
  18. This! I’m ready to support her so she can get that 20th #1 and give Oh Santa! the justice it deserves I know we can do it with the help of Ari
  19. Twitter stays being messy Sia should’ve known better than to pay any attention to the people on there since they’re always trolling or complaining about anything and everything. I mean they didn’t even bother to keep the criticism to themselves and actually wait until she released the damn movie With that said, Sia might’ve had good intentions for the movie but this Twitter mess and the fact that it took 3+ years to release the movie shows that she should’ve just canceled this project
  20. I love the song since it’s beautiful and uplifting but I feel it gets ignored because it’s a very personal song. Sadly not many people can relate to it and just skip it calling it a “filler” song
  21. Should’ve just kept his mouth shut and kept his opinion to himself. Support a clown and you’ll end up getting treated like one
  22. They don’t have to officially release the video but I’m still hoping it somehow leaks
  23. I’m so glad she’s finally taken the necessary steps to get a better team I’m just hoping this means her next album will be full of bops and that her new management will give her the support/promo she needs so we can finally get GP to acknowledge her again