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  1. Anti most definitely. I mean, Rihanna did "steal" Consideration from SZA
  2. Unpopular Opinion but That Kind of Woman (CFN Version) > That Kind of Woman (FN: ME Version)

  3. Oh well I wouldn't expect someone who stans Chris Brown to know what a talented rapper is.
  4. What is it with you and calling talented people untalented? I get that Nicki is an unlikable person but that doesn't take away from her talent. Also I can recall you saying that Nicki was talented (you used that as shade against Cardi) and you liked her music. Why the sudden change?
  5. I don't think I've ever seen a song debut at the bottom of the Hot 100 before
  6. Knowing how chaotic the UK charts are, there's a strong possibility she could get a few more top 10 songs