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  1. The fuck Ari gotta do with this? If anything, it's Abel's fault for not releasing any physical CDs/vinyls. Stan Twitter can kiss my ass honestly.
  2. There is a point to be made about pop stars using rap music and rappers to give themselves a "edge" but the Dua and DaBaby incident isn't one of them. DaBaby got dropped cause he's a dumbass that said stupid shit.
  3. Oh I thought I tagged you. Sorry about that. I need to organize my shit better. It's what I deserve tbh
  4. Then don't do it again. Yeah but I'm different UwU
  5. I was gonna go with Ariana being more relevant. I guess that would be a stretch but I believe Ari was the main reason ROM went #1. I do think the whole era could've been far more successful. Stupid Love debut at #5 based on hype. Sour Candy was popular even outside of Gaga and Blackpink's fandom.
  6. Hey FOTPers, I'm doing a megarate of hit songs from 2021 on the Billboard Hot 100. If interested, you can check it out below.


  7. That should've said only one. I'll fix it later
  8. I'm gonna extend the deadline to next week Friday to see if I can get more people to sign up. Just tagging you guys to ensure that you guys know.
  9. If she hadn't been so lazy, it would've been more successful. All because of Ariana though.