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  1. This is why you won Smartest Member at the FOTP Awards
  2. Lynk

    Give me Harry Styles
  3. I'm mad that this is a sample and not an actual feature...
  4. Lynk here

    What the hell was Jlo doing at the inauguration? ajay1

  5. The remix wasn't bad though OT: These Chris straight up ruined the song. Future ruined the song. Wasn't needed I can think of more but I'll just leave it at this
  6. Me when Rihanna finally drops her album in 2035
  7. Hopefully Dua goes top 5 next week. Congrats to SZA. Good Days is a bop Blinding Lights refuses to die. Olivia got her #1. Let's see if she's truly the next best thing
  8. This is so sad honestly. If this is a hate crime then whoever did it needs serious help. Imagine hating a group of people for simply existing (Yes I'm aware of the KKK, incels, Nazis, trsnsphobes etc. They need help too). Glad he's OK though. Doesn't make it any better though. I'm mad that this made me chuckle a bit
  9. Simply put, what pop era just came and went without any lasting impact or any attention being placed on it? They weren't innovative, creative, noteworthy or even interesting. They were just kinda there. Shawn Mendes' Wonder era kinda feels like that right now. I thought Wonder would be bigger than it was since I think it's a good song and well... it's Shawn Mendes.
  10. Lynk here

    Baby loves, I'm tryna to talk to you

  11. I mean I don't hate but it's kinda just there in my eyes. Might need to listen to it a few more times though