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  1. Lynk


    I'll wait till the the 30th but damn the comments in this thread have me really worried...
  2. Lynk

    The fact that you post more about her than your fave should be enough to answer your question right?
  3. Lynk


    Ali Payami - Kat Stratford
  4. Lynk

    Facts!! She sounds so much better here than she did as a teen
  5. Lynk


    Say Something
  6. Lynk

    If You Had My Love - Chante Moore Jennifer Lopez
  7. Why'd she name her kid after a Pokemon?
  8. Clink this to see this story
  9. An American country artist who recently got exposed for taking shit about female pop stars and allegedly being racist and homophobic.
  10. This makes her the first female artist and solo artist who debuted before the 2000s to have a video with over 1,000,000,000 views. Legend shit
  11. Lynk


    Fuck I wanted nasty.... Eh I'll take six thirty
  12. Lynk


    the light is coming I guess
  13. Lynk

    Bruh what is this? This is so cringe
  14. Lynk


    What? Isn't this everybody?
  15. Brace yourself for more cause the Ariana takeover has only just began