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  1. Pretty self explanatory. If this was high school and had to sit with any of the FOTP faves, who would it be?
  2. Fly Like A Bird Oh for fucks sake
  3. Watch her release Good In Bed or Pretty Please instead
  4. At the rate that the world is going, I don't think any artist will be touring anytime soon
  5. The new Google doodle game for the start of the Olympics has my heart!! I fucking love Japan!!!

    1. Free Britney

      Free Britney

      Is it supposed to be a tribute to PokemoN? dead2

    2. Lynk


      I have no idea but it's cute and I like it

  6. Why does Nick look so crusty? Also for him to successfully troll Shawn it would have to be funny. Or those guys that peaked in high school and currently have nothing going on for them.
  7. Ariana Grande - 46 Beyoncé - 43 Britney Spears - 55 Dua Lipa - 55 Lady Gaga - 55 (-3) Madonna - 55 Mariah Carey - 67 Rihanna - 43 (+3)
  8. Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me rih3

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    2. Urbi


      S&M wasn’t a lead dead1 

    3. Lynk


      See my dumbass forgot about Only Girl lmfao1

    4. Urbi


      S&M was like a fourth single jj2 

  9. I don't consider myself one but I've heard people say I "act like one". If this helps I'm one of those "Good vibes only", "peace and love to everyone" and "We're all connected" people. Also I don't think Lorde is a hippie
  10. Interesting how the minute they released one song, the other falls all of six places.