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  1. What Denim did was stupid (in relation to the yogurt shop fiasco) but her posting herself smoking weed isn't going to trigger anyone. The only person it'll trigger are boomers who still call it the "devil's plant". (Marijuana is not even a drug lbr) The fact that you decided to reference the Bible on a pop forum where 98% of the users (including yourself) are members of LGBTQ+ community is kinda funny in an ironic way
  2. Ariana Grande's hit single "no tears left to cry" is now three years old. The single was released on April 20, 2018 as the lead single off her fourth studio album "sweetener". The single was the first single she released since the bombing in Manchester during her Dangerous Woman World Tour. It was also seen as her "comeback" to music. Lyrically the song speaks about optimism and, according to Rolling Stones, "Grande celebrates rising above the world’s negativity". Today magazine also highlighted the songs positive lyrics and described the lyrics as “deeply personal,” drawing from the singer’s
  3. Happiness exists when you don't know a thing 
    So I hope you don't think this song is about you


    1. Urbi


      A slapper 

  4. An actual album and no droplet singles? Finally
  5. Yes we are Polo G isn't a Tik Tok rapper. He's been around for some time but he's always been irrelevant even with the rise of Tik Tok so I'm kinda surprised at this random ass #1. It'll probably freefall next week or something Most are probably only listening for Daniel Caesar and Giveon. (Well I am at least)
  6. They are literally influenced by the same people mostly (Whitney, Mariah, etc.). They aren't really that different
  7. The Star Spangled Racism is not an easy song to sing. If that was the case they'd ask anyone to do it. Cows yodel? In any case, I'm not discrediting the women you brought up. In fact, I love Sade's voice and music. She's one of my faves from the 80s. I just think Whitney is just an all around best vocalist of the 80s.