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  1. I kinda clicked this thread hoping for that Madonna joke, particularly from him since that's the only joke he has for Madonna.
  2. This mash-up is one of the main reasons why I want Ariana to work with Timbaland.
  3. It's prevalent mainly on stan Twitter now but this moreso stan behaviour. Not all stans are like this of course but a lot behave this way.
  4. The second definition OT: I can't imagine this obsessed with someone. This is why I don't willingly call myself a stan because if shit like this constitute for stan behavior then I most certainly am not one.
  5. Nobody: 

    You know who: *posts about ARTPOP*



    1. Royalty


      Not the notorious B I G but the inflafable E U G

    2. Euglena50


      Uh huh this my shit gaga3

  6. GIVEON!!!!! If he wins I'mma lose my shit!! Doja may get nominated simply based on how popular the album is. SOUR is definitely getting nominated. Same with Happier Than Ever because Billie.
  7. Just a little drop please katy2


  8. Ended racism On a serious note, I know this is coming from a good place but there's only so much that this merch will do
  9. Lynk

    Game Like a M

    I completely forgot about this
  10. It's one thing to like a singer's album but it's a whole other thing to make it your entire personality 

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    2. Euglena50


      What do you mean? I can self reflect. Did you even see what I said? I don't shove my opinions down people's throats. I'm not that rude.

    3. Royalty


      You literally are 

    4. Euglena50


       Maybe I am incapable of self reflecting but am I shoving my opinions down your throat?

  11. Lynk

    Photos Photo Dump

    Found this on Pinterest recently.
  12. I've only listened to Z but that was about a year after CTRL was released. I don't have any particular thoughts about it. I should give it another listen when I have the time.
  13. You literally just made the implication that she has no talent in the post I downvoted. Plus no one here has denied that Nicki is problematic.
  14. You're an idiot if you think Nicki has no talent or isn't a better rapper than Nas X Because what you posted was bullshit
  15. Rihanna has shown time and time again that she could've give 1/5 of a fuck about what anyone thinks of her so the Barbs are just gonna be arguing with themselves.
  16. I never hated it but I was never really a fan. it did grow a bit on me though
  17. Ngl, I thought it was gonna flop hard!