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  1. I wanna watch it so bad but the thought of going to the movies annoys me lmao. I plan on watching it I just don't know when or how
  2. She at least has a confirmed date and name for the album which is more than I can say for Normani
  3. OMG who the fuck cares about this anymore? He's such a weirdo for bringing this back up.
  4. From what I've read I'm actually... excited for this. Give me that early Ed Sheeran vibe I love. As long as he's no rapping. No one needs that.
  5. How can I lose if I'm already choose? Like.... moo8


  6. I noticed after Music Box; Mariah's albums contained less whistles than her previous albums. Yeah, there are still songs in on her albums post Music Box, but they aren't as present as they were in the previous records. 

  7. I think they were both on a song with Post Malone plus the unreleased Die For You remix from years ago.
  8. Can't wait for the 1% spike it gets in streaming before it starts tanking again.
  9. Wow the Die For You remix is kinda bad…. bummer1

  10. What kills me is that black women are his main demographic and mostly black women are the ones that defend him when he receives backlash/shade
  11. This isn't just one thing though... his list of controversies go beyond Rihanna. There's also the fact that his music is shit.
  12. Nah the VMAs had was way more energetic than this. I will say that she could’ve done a bit more but the fact that she did some choreo while pregnant is better than nothing. She could’ve literally just stood there. It wasn’t the best SB performance but it was far from the worst.
  13. Imagine expecting Beyoncé level choreo and Madonna/Gaga level acrobatics from Rihanna of all people. All that while she’s pregnant. Lmao y’all are weird
  14. She is the most successful for sure but the greatest is a bit much. I will say that she is on of the best female rappers of the last 15 years. There's a reason why for a long time she was the only true mainstream female rapper in the industry.
  15. I wouldn't mind hearing a version with him on it but I know her dumbass stans would fucking hate this