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  1. Would it be better if it was Wonho's junk?
  2. Wait pause… did Mr. Mendes get any bonus points?
  3. Peak Comedy. Amy Schumer could only dream of being this funny.
  4. I actually joined during COVID’s peak. Next month will be my 2nd year anniversary of being on this chaotic ass forum
  5. @Billie Frankshould really only have 73 points but I’m not bitter about it at all Not me making top 7
  6. Second to last again I’m in my Witness era it seems
  7. It would absolutely send me if an admin got a warning
  8. Alright y’all seriously need to chill. It’s not funny anymore
  9. He was such an obvious answer though. His marketing strategies are even more interesting than his entire discography
  10. @Billie Frank Come outside bestie I just wanna talk about how you stole my points from me...
  11. Nah he’s definitely put the Eartha Kitt song. He’s obsessed with her atm.