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  1. Drink, smoke, dance, vibe a little bit demi1
    Fuck, change, ride, die a little bitdemi1

  2. This is definitely one of my favorite. Sounds like something you'd hear at a fashion show
  3. I feel like people pick on Lana because it's trendy to do so. That plus those picking on Lana are mainly Zoomers and Millennials
  4. This is just a clear indication of people's preference for streaming. Purchasing physical copies (CDs, vinyls, etc.) is really only done by the older generations, purists and collectors. I don't think pure sales will ever die in the foreseeable future but I do think the number will get smaller and smaller as we move further in the 2020s.
  5. Trisha didn't lie though. These tick tockers are giving themselves way too much credit. They're not even good enough to be D-listers. Like, get off your high horse
  6. Lynk

    Game Like a M

    Y'all really said fuck Secret Garden huh? Erotica
  7. Lynk

    Game Like a M

    Something To Remember easily although the Sooner or Later performance at the Oscars is amazing all by itself
  8. Lynk

    Game Like a M

    Dear Jessie. It's such a pretty song
  9. Maybe quarantine was getting to her like it was with everyone else
  10. What? Please tell you you have a link to that
  11. This outfit is as iconic as they come. That being said I don't like it in the pic. Also the first thing i saw was "below the belt" and it nearly gave me whiplash 7/10
  12. I've always liked how unique Janelle's outfits are. Honestly can't wait to see what @V For Vendettaposts throughout the competition. 9/10
  13. I like the belt @Snow The rest of the outfit not so much. 4/10 I like this for some reason and I don't know why. 8/10 She looks like those "free spirit" hippies who are travelling trying to find themselves. Not that that's a bad thing. 6/10 I like the outfit. Looks like something I would wear. If I had abs 7/10