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  1. She’ll know if she should in due time
  2. You tasteless bastards don't know good music!!! This deserved top 3 at least!!
  3. Well you’re know for having shit taste so…
  4. Honestly same but that could change. The album’s still new
  5. GET HIM!! Drag his ass across the floor!!
  6. Divine's comments are sending me
  7. Apart from the intro I gave those low scores too
  8. @Physical not you having the highest scores for the three lowest songs
  9. I forgot to change the pic for this so pretend it's something else
  10. Don’t be. It made my life a lot more easier
  11. First out and lowkey to be expected
  12. Also guys gimme like 10 minutes to sort some things out
  13. Just a reminder that the results show for this megarate starts in 50 minutes. Be there or your account will get deleted (jk)