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  1. It’s coming along with Santa tell me sis! She’s following in her mother’s footsteps!
  2. She’s like a reincarnation of Mariah it’s so fucking scary at times but it’s so cute lol
  3. Omg let jhud live she already was looking stupid when they both started whistling
  4. I’m not actually the same ones who try to drag it never works out for them in the end. These are the same ones who said positions was frontloaded meanwhile if it’s #1 on iTunes and multiple streaming platforms that’s a good sign that it will debut high on billboard. Ariana has never had an issue with streams so that’s not even up for debate we just need radio play! Which I’m sure we will get darling
  5. Ariana is frontloaded they said: Single spends five weeks at number 1 with minimal promotion due to pandemic. Ariana doesn’t have any #1’s they said: Ariana scores multiple number ones back to back. Ariana isn’t respected she’s not an artist: Ariana has collaborated with Stevie wonder, Nicki Minaj, Mariah carey,lady Gaga, and not only worked with them but they acknowledge her talent. Some of the people who revere her happen to be your flop faves . Katy Perry, Christina, Truth of the matter is Ariana keeps flourishing in her career. You can say whatever yo
  6. Looks like moo, Ari, and jhud are number one on iTunes. Where do you think this song will chart on billboard? I mean most of you girls were saying Ariana was frontloaded yet position has spent 5 weeks at number one. It seems as though the more you hate the more she destroys your flop faves.
  7. Y’all I’m literally fucking crying. Not Mariah putting some respect on our girls fucking name! Ariana has broken the cycle and Mariah knows who the fuck she is! they sound like two fucking angels. This is everything to me being a Mariah and a Ariana stan. To see them come together mother and daughter !
  8. Not only is Mariah flourishing in her career but she’s even seem to put the pettiness behind her and got a chance to work with Ariana. not the both of them joining together to destroy your flop faves! Guess moo can’t say she doesn’t her anymore wow I Stan two queens. does madge know Gaga?
  9. Their mad cause I’m reminding them that’s she been a thief. Of course it’s a Madonna Stan that’s pressed
  10. Hating on what? Someone who stole someone’s vocals and stole mariah’s album along with other songs from other artist please jho can have several seats
  11. To think that Tommy Mattolla thought she could compete with Moo. Someone who composes and produced their own music and can write a song with substance and go so deep in depth with a song and break it down all the way to the melodies
  12. So with the recent thievery that has transpired with Jho’s recent performance it’s very apparent that she has stolen from the queen B however that has reminded me that not only has Jho stolen from Beyoncé she’s notorious and a known thief. Back when Jennifer first debuted she has stolen a numerous amount of songs from singers. One of the known singers is Ashanti and not only has she stolen complete songs this woman has utilized their vocals and claimed to them be her own. Jho would keep the backing vocals of other artists on her songs or just steal complete vocals entirely.