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  1. Love Britney, but let's just hope they hired a good ghostwriter for her.
  2. Not an Xtinct fan complaining about an annoying voice and lack of success in america.
  3. now i aint sayin he a goldigger but he aint messin with no brokey broke.
  4. according to "most people" the 2020 USofA election was stolen by the democrats, are they also right ?
  5. what lyrics? and who's talking about gender besides you? It's clear that you just want something to be offended by, not once did i mention gender or transexuals. man i feel like a post op, meaning i feel like someone who just had an operation, not that i feel like a transexual who had gender reassignment. you're the one making something out of nothing.k, bye.
  6. according to you... in what context am I using it?
  7. what term? Post-Op? why would that be derogatory or be politically incorrect ? it literally means following a surgical operation. are we that brittle on FOTP? a forum that THRIVES on the shade of it all.
  8. why is doja cat better than megan the pony? I'm the pop music scholars in this forum have an answer to this.
  9. Harry Styles, the "Juan Gabriel tribute act" has "better style"? Man I feel like a post-op
  10. im tired of singing sad songs
  11. We need a new album , we've reimagined brit's discography for 2 decades.