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  1. Yas! That was exactly the type of video that I was going for. I wanted it to look real and not fanmade. That's why I used outtakes and behind the scenes footage. Thanks for the comments guys!
  2. So today is Oct 23, aka the day Brit released her iconic debut single ...Baby One More Time, and therefore the anniversary of the start of the BOMT era. To celebrate this I decided to drop this music video I recently made for the standout BOP "I Will Be There" featured on that same album. I used footage from the recording sessions, plus outtakes and behind the scenes footage from the music videos to try to keep it "fresh", even if it's 22yo material. lol It turned pretty great imo, and it's undeniably ADORABLE. Watch below: Comments are really appreciated.
  3. Thanks! And yes, we need to send her all the positive vibes we can. You can tell just how sweet she really is just with her interviews. Genuine is the perfect word to describe her. Aw cute vid. I used the Piece Of Me residency remix of Lucky for mine.
  4. Hi guys! B army here! I made a music video to suppport the #FreeBritney movement🙏 I used the Piece Of Me version of Lucky. Check it out: Keep her in your prayers guys
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    Music Video

    Just did the same now.
  6. hot mess

    Music Video

    lmao the raven emoji killed me. we have so much in common. lol thanks! <3
  7. Hi guys! I'm new here. Any hardcore Arianators in the house? I just finished this and I think I did justice for this flawless song. (Still mad it wasn't a single) Judge for yourself and leave me a comment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60QQAw22J4I Ps I clearly don't know how to add the video player here. Help me out plz.